A guide to the Alliance

The Alliance has adopted an original internal organization, respecting both the principles and the functioning of an international network. The constitutive bodies of the Alliance reflect this necessity. The Alliance’s venture is of course mainly based on its member publishers, who come together within the Assembly of allies. It also relies on an Executive Committee – accountable for the respect of the decisions made by publishers – and a permanent staff. Besides, some faithful volunteers make it possible to implement activities that would not exist without them.

Governance diagram of the Alliance

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Assembly of Allies

Publishers portraits

Discover and understand publishers’ backgrounds and their publications, and listen to the voice of independent publishers… consult unprecedented publishers portraits in this section !

In the context of a partnership with online magazine ActuaLitté, an interview with a publisher member of the Alliance is regularly published. Discover the interviews : Élodie Comtois (Écosociété publishers in Québec), Samar Haddad (Atlas Publishing in Syria), Marie Michèle Razafintsalama (Jeunes malgaches in Madagascar), Constanza Brunet (Marea Editorial in Argentina), Antoinette Koleva (KX Critique & Humanism in Bulgaria), Karine Joseph (Sirocco in Morocco), Colleen Higgs (Modjaji Books in South Africa).
Upcoming… François Nkémé (Proximité in Cameroon), Ivana Jinkings and Kim Doria (Boitempo in Brazil), Ritu Menon (Women Unlimited in India)...

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The Assembly of Allies

Click here to see the list of Alliance member publishers.

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International Committee of independent publishers (ICIP)

International Committee of Independent Publishers (ICIP)

The ICIP includes the 6 coordinators of the Alliance’s linguistic networks – the coordinators are nominated by the members of the linguistic networks. Since 2011, ICIP is an essential governance body of the Alliance, representing the voice of the Assembly of Allies. ICIP meets physically once a year in the presence of the members of the Board and the team of the Alliance, around an agenda based on the aspirations and objectives of the Alliance, considering the needs and expectations of the allies.

Composition of the ICIP :

  • Coordinator of the Arabic-speaking network : Nouri Abid, Tunisia (Med Ali)
  • Coordinator of the Portuguese-speaking network : Araken Gomes Ribeiro, Brazil (Contra Capa)
  • Vice-coordinator of the Portuguese-speaking network : Carla Oliveira, Portugal (Orfeu Negro)
  • Coordinator of the English-speaking network : Müge Sokmen Gursoy, Turkey (Metis Publishers)
  • Vice-coordinator of the English-speaking network : Ritu Menon, India (Women Unlimited)
  • Coordinator of the Spanish-speaking network : Guido Indij, Argentina (la marca editora)
  • Vice-coordinator of the Spanish-speaking network : Àngeles Alonso, Canary Islands (Baile del Sol)
  • Vice-coordinator of the Spanish-speaking network : Déborah Holtz, Mexico (Trilce Ediciones)
  • Coordinator of the French-speaking network : Serge D. Kouam, Cameroon (Presses universitaires d’Afrique)
  • Vice-coordinator of the French-speaking network : Isabelle Pivert, France (éditions du Sextant)
  • Vice-coordinator of the French-speaking network : Élisabeth Daldoul, Tunisia (elyzad)
  • Coordinator of the Persian-speaking network : Tinouche Nazmjou, France/Iran (Naakojaa)
  • Vice-coordinator of the Persian-speaking network : Anahita Mehdipour, Germany/Iran (Forough Verlag)

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General Assembly and Board

Hélène KLOECKNER, chair

Hélène Kloeckner has worked in the the publishing field for twelve years, and is currently editorial assistant at Calmann-Lévy Publishing. Author of an investigation into school books in Subsaharan African francophone countries, which appeared in the review Africultures in 2003, she has worked at New African Publishing of Senegal (NEAS) in Dakar. A voluntary worker for the Alliance since 2004, she has had a particular interest in Pan-African co-publishing of the “Terres solidaires” collection. Since 2011 she has been in charge of the development of the Equality Laboratory (Laboratoire de l’Égalité). She is Chair of the Alliance since July 2013.

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Luc PINHAS, vice-chairman

Vice-chairman of the Board of the Alliance since the General Assembly of June 20th, 2011, Luc Pinhas is a former student of the École normale supérieure in Saint-Cloud, he holds a PhD in Communication studies and teaches at Paris 13-Villetaneuse University. He is currently in charge of a masters’ degree on “Book marketing”.

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Annie GOGAT, treasurer

Treasurer of the Alliance, Annie Gogat works for the Charles Léopold Mayer as Accounting Manager. As she is very fond of integration issues and involved in her neighborhood’s school life, she finds herself naturally acting as a mediator in many situations. After spending years in Villeneuve-la-Garenne, she now lives in Bouffémont (Paris region).

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Thierry QUINQUETON, member of the Board

Thierry Quinqueton has a long experience of the publishing world and of intercultural dialogue. He was Literary Director at the Desclée de Brouwer publishing house (France) from 1991 to 1999, and then Director of the French Cultural Center in Khartoum from 2000 to 2004. After spending four years at the French Department of Foreign Affairs (department of written documents and libraries), he was responsible from May 2009 to July 2013 for the libraries network in the Châtellerault area. He is now in charge of the publishing Office at the French Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. Thierry Quinqueton also pursues his research on the links between market economy, public policies and non-monetary aspects in the book economy. He was Chairman of the International Alliance of Independent Publishers from 2006 to 2013.

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Gérard AIMÉ, member of the General Assembly

Born in 1946, after obtaining a degree from the Centre de Formation des Journalistes and a postgraduate qualification in political sociology, Gérard Aimé started his career as a journalist and photo-reporter in Canada. The joint founder of Alternatives publishing house and co-author of its first publications, he ran the publishing house for 35 years until its takeover by Gallimard. Today he works as a consultant for various publishing houses.

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Permanent team

Laurence HUGUES

After studying at the IUT Book Trade in Aix-en-Provence, Laurence Hugues went on to a bachelor’s degree in Literature at Trois-Rivières University in Québec, and later to a Masters’ degree in Publishing trade at Paris 13-Villetaneuse University. After several professionals stays in West Africa, she joined the International Alliance of Independent Publishers’ team in 2007. In July 2009, Etienne GALLIAND passed on management charges to Laurence HUGUES.

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Clémence HEDDE

After geography studies, Clémence has done a Master specialised in book publishing and several internships in publishing houses (Autrement, La Découverte and Phaidon). Her Master dissertation was about « International co-publishing. Practices, policies and strategies ».

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Matthieu JOULIN

Matthieu JOULIN first obtained a Master degree in Hispano-American Language, Literature and Civilisation at Bordeaux University. He then turned his focus on publishing, obtaining a Master degree in Book Commercialisation at Paris 13-Villetaneuse University. After gaining experience in bookshops and a long stay in an Argentinian publishing house, he joined the Alliance’s team in 2011.

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