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Assembly of Swiss and Francophone publishers at the Geneva Book and Press Fair (Switzerland), 26 and 27 April 2017

For the 3rd year in a row, the Assembly of Swiss and Francophone publishers will be held during the Geneva Book Fair. Taking the opportunity of having several Swiss and francophone publishers’ representatives, these meetings will be held over two days : the first day will examine the issues of book exportation and circulation in the Francophone space, while the second will focus on the issue of who will take over the publishing profession in Switzerland. New in 2017, practical workshops in small groups will be offered to participants. These three workshops are organised through the support of the Alliance :

  • Editorial partnerships : an alternative to exportation
  • Communication strategies : how to sell and promote Francophone literature ?
  • Exportation of books : what are the challenges ? Pricing, regulations, tariff barriers and censorship.

Information and accreditation here.

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Public book policies in the Arab world and viewpoints of Chile and France / Tunis Book Fair (Tunisia), 24 March – 2 April 2017

In partnership with the Tunis Book Fair and the Union of Tunisian Publishers, and thanks to the support of the Fondation de France and the French Institutes of Tunis and Beirut, the Alliance will organise a day focusing on public book policies in the Arab world, on Thursday 30 March. Publishers from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia will present a panorama of public book policies in their respective countries : Chilean and French publishers will speak on what is being implemented in their countries – a dialogue and exchange between professionals and public authorities, between continents, between cultures.

This day was initiated in the context of the Bibliodiversity Observatory and the mapping work of public book policies in Latin America and in the Arab world, on-going at the Observatory.

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The Indies at Livre Paris 2017 (France), 24-27 March 2017

Meetings not to be missed, more than 15 publisher members of the Alliance in 9 countries ! More information to be coming here.

* Friday 24 March, 10.00 - 12.00 - BIEF stand (U18)
B2B : copyright transfers in the French-speaking countries / meetings between publishers from sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti, and French publishers – facilitated by the Alliance, in partnership with BIEF

* Monday 27 March, 9.00 - 16.00 - SNE Forum (U14)
« Creation, partnerships and promotion : developing opportunitides for French-speaking publishing » / 3 round tables (children books, literature and human and social sciences) in the presence of Francophone publishers – facilitated by BIEF, in collaboration with the Alliance

* Tuesday 28 March, 9.30 - 13.00 - Centre national du livre
Meeting of publishers from the French-language network of the Alliance / On the agenda : exchanges about the study of digital printing hub in West Africa done by Gilles Colleu (Vents d’ailleurs, France) : presentation of the study on French publishing industry and its social and environmental impacts, conducted by the Bureau for the Appraisal of Social Impacts for Citizen information (BASIC).

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Indie Book Day, 18 March 2017

Next March 18th, it is the « Indie Book Day » !
You are invited to go in an independent bookshop, to buy a book published by an independent publisher, and to post a picture of the book, or you with the book, on the social networks, with the hashtag #indiebookday.

The Indie Book Day was created by German independent publishers ; today, independent collectives in Italy (ODEI), in UK (IPG) are organizing the Indie Book Day. Tomorrow, the Indie Book Day could exist in your country !

More information here.

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The Alliance wishes you a new year 2017 in the colors of bibliodiversity !

A teasing for coming activities :

Bibliodiversity Observatory
*Online Resources : mapping on public Book policies in Latin America and in the Arab world…
* Research and innovations : a renovated Digital Lab ; study on digital print in French-speaking Africa ;
* Advocacy : study on freedom of publishing ; professional meeting on public Book policies in the Arab world and in Europe, in partnership with Tunis Book Fair.

Workshops and thematic meetings
* Know-how and experiences exchanges between peers about digital publishing, non-fiction publishing, economic models…
* Sharing information and collaborations between organisations from different sectors about independence, about governance, about social and solidarity economy…
* Spaces dedicated to rights transfer : sells, exchanges, even barter between independent actors
* Collective stands on international book fairs : Frankfurt, but also “alternative” book fairs…

Fair publishing partnerships
*Publication of two books in the collection “Terres solidaires” : Palestine, written by Hubert Haddad, and Ceux qui sortent dans la nuit, written by Mutt-Lon
*Translation into Spanish and German of Bibliodiversity, A Manifesto for Independent Publishing, written by Susan Hawthorne
* Being Feminist Today, collective book
* Co-publishing in Spanish of Manual de edición. Guía para tiempos revueltos, written by Manuel Gil and Martín Gómez, originally published by CERLALC

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Workshop “Creation and graphic design in children’s book publishing”, Paris, 27-29 November 2016

Few days before the Seine-Saint-Denis children’s Book Fair in Montreuil (30 November-5 December 2016), twelve children’s book publishers and graphic designers from Benin, Brazil, France, Madagascar, Morocco, Portugal, and Togo will gather for a workshop on creation and graphic design in children’s book publishing. Through knowledge sharing, the participants will work on their on-going projects, tackling issues like text/images layout, pictures processing, specificity of bilingual books, tones and colours tones on books cover...

The workshop aims at :

  • opening new horizons, discovering new approaches, not being stuck with some frames and norms ;
  • questioning knowledge and professional practices of the publishers and of the graphic designers ;
  • collectively finding resources and solutions to solve some obstacles ;
  • sharing some existing (or to-be-created) tools ;
  • reinforcing professional partnerships between African, Brazilian and European publishers.

This workshop follows the workshop organized in November 2015 (Graphic design in children’s book publishing - Africa/Europe perspectives). It is supported by the Centre national du livre, the French Institute of Brazil, and the French Institute of Madagascar. All participants agreed to volunteer their services – we thank them once again.

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European collectives and International Committee of independent publishers meeting, Paris, 15-17 October 2016

Representatives from 6 European collectives (Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia and Switzerland) will meet in Paris, at the invitation of the International Committee of independent publishers (ICIP). The main objectives of this meeting are to share knowledge, discuss business issues, plan partnerships, and build the foundations for future exchanges. This is only the first step towards strengthening an independent publishing open to the world, and guaranteeing bibliodiversity.
A part of this meeting will focus on the governance of the Alliance, as well as an assessment of the Bibliodiversity Observatory, some few months after its creation in July 2016.

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International Bibliodiversity Day, 21 September 2016

Bibliodiversity… it is the daily life of independent publishers, what drives them. Why make it a special day, then ? To celebrate Spring Day in the Southern Hemisphere, for books to occupy public spaces, to share, connect, exchange, discuss, and have fun… Because diversity of ideas is essential to the construction of democratic societies, because independent publishers are its actors, together with authors, translators, illustrators, booksellers, librarians…

This year, some planned festivities and activities include :
In Quebec, Mémoire d’encrier publishers, in partnership with the Maison de la Syrie (‘the House of Syria’), facilitate a Quebec-Syria literary meeting
In Syria, Atlas Publishing convene booksellers and publishers in the heart of Damas
In Chile, EDIN collective will distribute a list of independent publishers’ works in the country’s main libraries ; filmed activities will be held throughout the day
In Colombia, public spaces (parks, public places) will be animated by publishers from the REIC collective
In Italy, the independent publishers members of the FIDARE get themself heard through a call
In Spain, the ministry of Culture is launching a campaign in favor of bibliodiversity
In Peru, the collective of independent publishers EIP is organizing an Independent Book Fair, from 23 to 25 September, to follow on facebook
In Argentina, the collective of independent publisers EDINAR is planning bookcrossing, literary meetings...

Follow all the activities on the Alliance website and social media.

And have a look on the official B Day 2016 video !

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The independent publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 !

From October, 19th to 23rd, meet the independent publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair : more than 25 publishing houses from all around the world will be there !

You can find the publishers’ contact on the attached document. Do not wait to make an appointment !

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Digital workshop in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), 23-27 May 2016 – during the Abidjan Book Fair (26-28 May)

Through the support of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie and the partnership established with the Ivorian publishers association (Assedi), the Alliance’s Digital Lab will convene 18 publishers from Sub-Saharan Africa from 23 to 27 May, to a workshop focusing on :
* the production and marketing of digital books (session facilitated by Gilles Colleu, Vents d’ailleurs, France) ;
* management of the Alliance Press web template developed by the Alliance for publishers who do not have websites (session facilitated by Mouhammed Diop, Senegalese developer and designer of Alliance Press).

The workshop follows on the series of meetings/training workshops designed and implemented by the Alliance since 2010, and is aimed at publishers in particular from French-speaking Africa. In order to share knowledge and encourage ownership, all workshops and meetings of the Alliance are complemented by factsheets published on the Digital Lab website, and personalised online tutorials.

The workshop will be held at the occasion of the Abidjan Book Fair (26-28 May, Palais de la Culture), and will provide the opportunity for publishers to share the collective stand of the Afrilivres association. The Afrilivres Prize will be awarded on that occasion, in the presence of the recipient of the 2015 prize : Valesse publishers from Ivory Coast.

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