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Publishing in Persian language: what book trade in Iran?

Publishing countries : Iran

To read, an article published by ActuaLitté on 20 April 2015 on the study Publishing in Persian language.

Collection État des lieux de l’édition

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From decolonization of minds to ownership of copyright

Read here the article published January 9, 2015 on the blog 2709 books: “From decolonization of minds to ownership of copyright” (“De la descolonización de las mentes a la apropiación de los derechos de autor”).

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Bibliodiversidad, edición digital y lectores, on the blog 2709 books

Read the article “Bibliodiversity, digital publishing and readers” (“Bibliodiversidad, edición digital y lectores”), published on the blog 2709 books, on 12 February 2015.

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Montreuil 2014: A Children book fair open on Africa

An article published on December 8, 2014 in “Le Populaire”, a weekly news published in Guinea Conakry, in the monthly column of Marie Paule Huet, literary director of the éditions Ganndal.

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Professional collectives committed to work together, Le Soleil, Senegal

Publishing countries : Senegal

In the November 29th-30th issue, Le Soleil, Senegalese daily newspaper, share the press release that have been collectively signed in Dakar on November 25th, by the International Association of French-speaking Booksellers (Association internationale des libraires francophones); Afrilivres (Association of African French-speaking publishers), and the International Alliance of independent publishers. In this release, the professional collectives state “their solid will to work together to promote books, reading, and access to the book”.

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The international Declaration of independent publishers 2014 in Les Échos, Mali

Publishing countries : Mali

The Cape Town Declaration 2014 reproduces in Les Échos, Malian weekly, on October 24th

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The Cape Town meeting (International Assembly of Independent publishers 2014) on the Tunisian cultural radio!

Listen to the interview of Nouri ABID (Med Ali in Tunisia and coordinator of the Arabic-speaking network of the Alliance) on the Tunisian cultural radio, on September 3, 2014.

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The 7th workshop of the Assembly in Abu Dhabi

Publishing countries : United Arab Emirates

Livres Hebdo, April 25, 2014 relays workshop on digital publishing in the Arab-speaking world (April 30-May 3, 2014), organized in partnership with the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. More information about the workshop here.

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“Mes étoiles noires” by Lilian THURAM on TV5 and RFI!

Listen here the interview from Lilian THURAM on TV5 on Tuesday 9 April 2014!
And here the interview on RFI (emission “Radio Foot”) on Monday 14 April 2014!

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A reflection on multiculturalism, African children’s literature and the international market place

Read the post of Mariette ROBBES in the blog of “PaperTigers”, May 20th, 2013.

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