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The other face of publishing in Africa

Journalist Xavier THOMANN signs an article on the ActuaLitté.com website, to be discovered here!

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The Alliance in “O Chá”, a newspaper on the Angolan culture

Publishing countries : Angola, Portugal

Further to the meeting of the Portuguese-speaking network in Lisbon, the newspaper “O Chá” dedicates in its latest issue (December 2012) a page on the Alliance and the stakes of the meeting held in Lisbon in September 2012.

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Vandana Shiva presents his latest book, Making Peace with the Earth

Discover here an interview with Vandana Shiva on the Bill Moyers show (famous journalist in the U.S.).

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The globalization in the publishing world, a dangerous fancy: interview of Thierry Quinqueton by the International Book Fair of African book of Tenerife

Publishing countries : Spain

Read in its entirety - in Spanish - the interview of Thierry Quinqueton, Chairman of the Alliance, realized by the SILA (International Book Fair of the African book, Tenerife).

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The Day B 2011 in the press

The Day B 2011, discover various articles around the world!

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BBC reports the meeting of Iranian publishers of the Persian diaspora

The meeting of Iranian publishers of the Persian diaspora, gathered in Paris by the Alliance in June 2011, was the subject of an article on the online site of BBC Persian. Read the article here!

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The Alliance interviewed by Dutch newspaper online “Damespraatjes”

The journalist Walter van Teefelen interview the Alliance. Read the article published online in June 2011!

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Study on digital publishing in developing countries gains wide media coverage

The study on digital publishing in developing countries co-ordinated by the Alliance has sparked wide media interest and been the subject of several articles and interviews:

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“The future of the book is in the telephone”

In an article published in “Livres Hebdo” on 27 May 2011, the journalist Catherine Andreucci previewed Octavio Kulesz’s study on digital publishing in the developing countries.

Quote: “[...] the Argentinean publisher, founder of the digital publishing house Editorial Teseo and the network Digital minds, overturns traditional thinking by shedding a completely new light on the dynamism and the potential of non-Western countries, looking at specific uses of technologies according to local situations.”

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