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Preferential postage rates for books : urgent for Latin America

Massively used by small publishing firms to distribute their products to bookstores, libraries and readers, the postal service is the most popular means of circulating books throughout the world. However, the absence, suppression or questioning of special postage for books is an impediment to bibliodiversity in many countries.
In Latin America, with the huge territory to cover and limited circulation, a large share of publishers ensures the delivery of their products themselves. For these publishers, preferential postage rates for shipping books are all the more vital.

Books about Books, discover the new acquisitions by our resource centre

Books about Books, the Alliance’s specialist resource centre “Livres et Edition” (“Books and Publishing”) has acquired new international reference works that we invite you to discover, consult and borrow.

“Jeunes talents”, the resource centre’s new page

The Alliance’s online resource centre has a new page entirely dedicated to research produced by young professionals of the booktrade and publishing industry. This series of documents contains some of the most outstanding Masters theses of the “Métiers du livre” (“Booktrade”) – selected for both their academic and thematic values. A whole series of fascinating works thus gets online publishing exposure on the Alliance’s website. There’s no doubt that we will be hearing more from these young authors !

Read Marion Van Staeyen’s thesis, « Album jeunesse : échanges de production entre la France et l’Afrique francophone (Youth literature : production exchange between France and francophone Africa) »

For more information on the “Jeunes talents” (Young talents) collection or to submit your thesis, send us an email !

Digital publishing in emerging countries

In the last 15 years, the digital revolution has modified the way cultural goods are produced and distributed. Music has probably been the first industry concerned, but the impact has now reached other areas, in particular the book sector. Indeed, ebooks, audiobooks, print on demand, online stores and the expansion of mobile phones have deeply transformed the traditional publishing landscape.

Nevertheless, given the serious infrastructure limitations existing in the developing countries, it becomes crucial to assess the impact that technology is having on the publishing industry in those regions. Which e-publishing companies are flourishing today in the Southern countries ? Which policies could be implemented so as to foster this new industry as well as to help the traditional actors to adapt to the changes that are currently taking place ?

In order to explore these topics, the International Alliance of independent Publishers in partnership with the Prince Claus Fund, has launched an in-depth study, co-ordinated by Octavio Kulesz, director of Teseo and member of Digital minds Network. The first stage of the research consists of a number of interviews with different actors from the book sector, so as to understand the current situation as well as to propose global initiatives. Every actor from the publishing sector (especially publishers and booksellers) are invited to share their views and experiences through this brief questionnaire - click here !

Contact :

From Latin America to the Ivory Coast, two exclusive studies

Pays de parution : Côte d’Ivoire

In her study on book trade between Latin America and Spain, exclusively commissioned by the Alliance to Elena Enríquez Fuentes (Mexico), the author shows the important imbalance in international trade. As for Stéphane Marill, she has carried out a meticulous and extremely well-documented field investigation on calls for tenders in the school textbook industry in Ivory Coast. These two studies convey well the spirit of the Alliance’s Resource Center, that is : to make available to professionals a corpus of definitions (Key notions section), a set of specific thematic analyses (Thematic studies section), comprehensive surveys (Collection “État des lieux de l’édition”) as well as some Practical information for professionals. The International Alliance of Independent Publishers’ Resource Center is supported by the Conseil Régional d’Île-de-France.

Europe : committed to bibliodiversity ?

As the European Parliament is about to be entirely renewed, the Alliance wishes to draw the future representatives’ attention to three concrete proposals, with which Europe would commit itself to protecting bibliodiversity.

Opening of the Resource Center

Through its new online Resource Center, the Alliance wishes to make available to professionals a corpus of definitions (Key notions section), a set of specific thematic analyses (Thematic studies section), comprehensive surveys (Collection “État des lieux de l’édition”), as well as some Practical information. A specialized library called “Books about Books” (BaB) was opened simultaneously on the association’s premises.

The International Alliance of Independent Publishers’ Resource Center is supported by the Conseil Régional d’Île-de-France.

Solidarity with Iranian publishers

In view of the preoccupying situation in Iran and the attacks on freedom of expression, the publishers of the Alliance wish to express their solidarity with their Iranian colleagues. They demand the right to publish freely and call for increased cultural exchanges with Iran.

Read the press release


Pays de parution : Haïti

L’Alliance internationale des éditeurs indépendants appelle tous les organismes de solidarité internationale à se mobiliser dans la durée en Haïti. L’Alliance fera ce qui est en son pouvoir pour apporter son appui à long terme aux professionnels du livre haïtiens, particulièrement aux bibliothécaires, aux éditeurs et aux libraires, en articulant son action à celle d’autres acteurs en Haïti, déjà présents ou prévoyants de l’être.

L’importance de la culture, dans la reconstruction, doit être prise en compte. Dans le contexte haïtien, où la symbolique a une place de choix, repenser Haïti c’est aussi soutenir les arts et la culture, notamment le livre et les auteurs qui servent de promoteurs de cette identité populaire, complexe et fascinante. Un peuple amputé de sa culture est un peuple mort.

Rodney Saint-Éloi, auteur et éditeur membre de l’Alliance internationale des éditeurs indépendants

The new e-learning part of the Alliance website

Discover the « E-learning » part of the Alliance website.

You will find there some « Reference cards » and a first « Step-by-step training module » focused on textbooks production, currently in french.

Any suggestion for new e-training module or any comment about this part of our website will be welcomed, don’t hesitate.

Call for tender – A study on digital publishing and developing countries

The main aim of the “Digital Publishing and Developing Countries” programme, undertaken by the International Alliance of Independent Publishers in partnership with the Prince Claus Foundation, seeks to “determine digital publishing’s role as a future publishing resource in developing countries.”
It consists of four consecutive phases to span over the next three years (2010-2012).
The first phase of the programme consists of performing a study that would serve to both address some basic questions regarding the general thrust and lay the groundwork for future phases.

Launch of « Bibliodiversity - Publishing and Globalisation »

The creation of « Bibliodiversity – Publishing and Globalisation » rests on three preliminary acknowledgments. The notion of bibliodiversity, despite its rapid spread and significant potential, remains scantly explored, insufficiently discussed, poorly grasped, and even misused – reduced at times to a simple slogan. It was important to save the notion from becoming even more depleted. Furthermore, the two co-publishers – the International Alliance of Independent Publishers along with Double Ponctuation – wish to contribute to original research, the development of intellectual and functional tools, and the collection of testimony that could help us understand the changes occurring in the world of books and publishing. Finally, there is not yet much space available in which to study these changing phenomena with a perspective that is simultaneously international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary.

> See all the additional texts on

Nota bene : Bibliodiversity is not an Internet site ; it remains first and foremost a linear publication and is organized, dated, and signed. As a service to the journal, the site will maintain its minimalist approach ; there are no plans to use the site to replace the journal.

The first ever study on digital publishing in developing countries

Langue(s) : anglais , espagnol , français

In partnership with the Prince Claus Foundation, the Alliance commissioned Octavio Kulesz, a digital publisher in Argentina, to carry out a study on digital publishing in developing countries. This first-ever study, the result of 8 months’ research, is now available in French, English and Spanish on the website :

Who are the new digital players in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab world and in Russia, China and India ? Can digital publishing develop autonomously in the emerging economies, independently from the rich countries ? What support policies are required to stimulate the growth of this new industry and help the traditional publishing sector adapt to the changes ? Based on interviews, questionnaires and meetings, Octavio Kulesz provides an overview of digital publishing in these 6 regions and puts forward concrete proposals aimed at independent publishers. Digital publishing experience in the South offers an insight into the major opportunity the new technologies represent for developing countries — especially when it comes to distribution — as long as local entrepreneurs seek innovative models suited to the concrete needs of their communities.

This online study is ongoing and interactive. We invite your contributions and feedback.

The study is also available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI.

Submit a MA thesis for the « Young Talents » collection" !

The “Jeunes talents” (Young Talents) collection essentially contains the best Masters theses in the “Métiers du livre” (“Booktrade”) - selected for their academic and thematic values. The documents are published in one of the three publishing languages of the collection (French, English and Spanish). A whole series of works thus gets online publishing exposure on the Alliance’s website.

Books about books (BAB), a resource center specialized in « Books & Publishing » opened to the students and to the professionals in the middle of Paris

More than 180 documents in French, Spanish, English to consult and to borrow : subscriptions to specialist magazines, history of the book, emergent publishing, international publishing, analyses and proposals, economy of the book and marketing, digital technology and Internet, authors and creation, translation...

The team of the Alliance welcomes you to 38, rue Saint-Sabin (11e), from Monday to Friday, from 10 am till 6:30 pm.

« The digital South », the newly-released issue of Bibliodiversity !

With digital publishing under close scrutiny, Bibliodiversity naturally felt it was important to offer a different angle on the subject, highlighting a less familiar aspect of the current situation. In accordance with our editorial line, and in keeping with the research undertaken by the journal’s partners, it seemed vital to give a platform to voices that are seldom heard and rarely listened to.

This issue, which focuses on e-publishing in developing countries, is supported by the Prince Claus Fund.

Click here to read other issues of the review.

Publishing in India

Pays de parution : Inde

The “Young Talents” collection, dedicated to the best Masters dissertations in the « Book Trade » adds another title to its list !

Mariette ROBBES, who conducted some field work for her research, offers a fascinating analysis of youth Indian publishing.

On the contrary of other Asian publishing market, like Korea or Japan, the Indian book market is nearly unknown by French children’s book publishers, thought this industry is actually blooming. The Indian book market is a very specific one : the country’s size makes book distribution difficult, many languages are spoken and written, and there is a wide gap between urban reading habits and rural ones. Independent publishers in this country adapt business strategies to these difficulties and the solution they find are really original. As the lack of studies and data about Indian publishing is quite strong, this study is based on a certain number of interviews with booksellers, book fair directors, market specialist, illustrators, distributors and publishers.

An exciting memory on a subject unexplored... to read now !

“Translation and Globalization”, the new issue of Bibliodiversity !

Edited by Gisèle Sapiro, the number 3 (February 2014) of the journal Bibliodiversity is available !

“At the intersection of the history and sociology of publishing, of the study of cultural transfers and of translation studies, the sociology and history of translation therefore open up vast new fields of research on issues of contemporary concern such as the question of cultural diversity in the era of globalisation (addressed in my article), relations between the global North and South (discussed in the two other articles and mentioned in two personal testimonies), competition between nations for cultural hegemony and the social conditions for the circulation of cultural goods at a time when the creative industries are undergoing concentration and rationalisation”.
Extract from the introduction, by Gisèle Sapiro.

This issue is dedicated to Andre Schiffrin, member of the Scientific Committee of the journal Bibliodiversity.

Read other issues of Bibliodiversity here.

Publishing in Persian language, a ground breaking study on publishing in Persian language

Pays de parution : Afghanistan, Iran, Ouzbékistan, Tadjikistan

Publishing in Persian language presents a comprehensive and current overview of publishing in Persian language, in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, but also in the diaspora in Europe and the United States.
Articles, penned by Ali Amiri, Beytolah Biniaz, Masoud Hosseinipour, Farid Moradi, Laetitia Nanquette and Dilshad Rakhimov, enable an understanding of editorial markets through historical, economic, political and cultural perspectives.
This study sheds light on the work and publishing list of several independent publishers in Persian language, and thus enabling professional and intercultural exchanges.
Publishing in Persian language is available in Persian and English, and openly accessible on the Website of the International Alliance of Independent Publishers, in PDF, ePub and MOBI formats.

Publishing in Persian language, “État des lieux de l’édition” collection (Reports on the publishing world), International Alliance of independent publishers, 2015.
ISBN : 978-2-9519747-7-7 (Persian version)
ISBN : 978-2-9519747-8-4 (English version)

Publishing in Persian language was made possible through the support of the Prince Claus Fund. We thank all contributors, publishers, and professionals who participated to this collective endeavour –and particularly Sonbol Bahmanyar for the coordination of the study.

Collection État des lieux de l’édition

Zip - 3.7 Mo
Read the study in MOBI format_in Persian

Zip - 3 Mo
Read the study in MOBI format_in English

Selling and buying rights as an independent publisher on the world market

Book fairs, sales and purchases of rights, a toolbox to be present on the international market. This toolbox is aimed at youth publishers seeking to develop and/or strengthen their presence internationally. It includes themactic cards and “ready-to-use” cards (documents and supports).

Access to the toolbox here !

This toolbox was developed by Céline ANFOSSI, through the support of the Centre national du livre and the Fondation de France.

80 recommendations & tools in support of bibliodiversity

These 80 recommendations are build on the principles upheld in the 2014 International Declaration of independent publishers, an important document promoting bibliodiversity, signed on September 20th, 2014 by more than 400 independent publishers from 45 countries (International Assembly of independent publishers, under the patronage of UNESCO).

These recommendations aimed at public authorities, international organisations, and book professionals, for the development, maintenance and strengthening of bibliodiversity in concerned countries.

Contents of the 80 recommendations & tools in support of bibliodiversity :

* Public policies safeguarding bibliodiversity
* Proposals and activities supporting digital bibliodiversity
* The Amazon system, a threat to bibliodiversity ?
* Essential measures for publishing in local and national languages
* Rethinking book donations
* Proposals and activities to develop solidarity publishing partnerships
* Activities to strengthen a plural youth publishing

For all book actors to take ownership of these recommendations and tools, we invite you to contact us with your comments, suggestions, ideas and proposals that could enhance and strengthen this document.