Financial Globalization and Terrorism

Author(s) : René PASSET
Publishing countries : Benin, Cameroon, Canada, Ivory Coast, France, Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Switzerland, Tunisia
Language(s) : French
Price : 15 €

With the collaboration of Jean LIBERMAN

The decoding of the new terrorism, which hit the USA with full force for the first time, shows that it is inseparable from the transformation of the world and the establishment of a type of global power that is more inhuman than ever. In effect, the worldwide neoliberal economic policy implemented by the financial sphere has completely distorted the human promises of globalization. Misery, mass exclusion and humiliation are the counterpart of the accelerated commoditization of a growing proportion of human activities. Kamikaze fanaticism, bred among destitute peoples, cannot be separated from the financialization of the world, its network-based information-sharing and its “dirty money” financing that is built into the system.

Ignoring this diagnosis, the neo-liberal leadership, in particular the United States, still refuses to take the well-known measures that would drain the breeding ground of hyperterrorist barbarity.

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