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Derrière la DGSN, Yaoundé – Nlongkak
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Founded in 1995, Akoma Mba publishers is the oldest publishing house specialised in illustrated comic books in Central Africa. Their main objective is to promote Africa through innovative editorial content as well as African, universal values to young children. They have a catalogue of about a hundred titles, published in several languages (French, English, and local languages).
Akoma Mba distributes its books in Cameroon and internationally. Its authors come from Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, France, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Togo, amongst others. Initially part of the association AILE Cameroon, it was taken over in 2018 by Robert Nkouamou, a Cameroonian cultural entrepreneur aiming to support new talents for the development of readership on the continent.
Several books published by Akoma Mba were awarded internationally, including the International Library of Munich, UNICEF in Dakar, and IBBY International. Magoulina by Joël Eboueme Bognomo won the Honorary Prize for Youth Literature with the American publisher Boyds Mills Press.
Akoma Mba participates in international book fairs and events: Bologna in Italy, Montreuil and Paris in France, FIBDA in Algeria, Frankfurt in Germany, Casablanca in Morocco, Fildak in Dakar...
The publishing house organises a Youth Book Fair in the city of Yaoundé (SALIJEY) and recently launched an African Prize for Comics and the “Marie Wabbes” Grand Prize for Children’s Books, named after the Belgian writer who initiated the Akoma Mba project in the 1990s. It is directed since January 2020 by Ulrich Talla Wamba, writer, book and publishing professional.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ed_AkomaMba
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ed.akomamba/

Books selection

Le pays des contes (la fille des vents)

Mani LI (Cameroun), auteur ; Georges PONDY (Cameroun), illustrateur Depuis la disparition de son père, Noah n’aime plus lire. Un jour, il est (...)

Le Cocotier magique

Aude PERALTA EXCOFFIER (France), autrice ; Edji ONABEL (Cameroun), illustrateur Ce matin-là, tout semble paisible. Pourtant, cette quiétude va (...)

Le secret d’Ayélévi

Simon de SAINT-DZOKOTOE (Togo), auteur ; Maryse MONTRON (France), illustratrice La petite Ayélévi est très rusée. Elle gagne toujours le jeu “Qui (...)

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