Dernières nouvelles de la Françafrique (Latest news from French Africa )

Author(s) : Sayouba TRAORE, Kangni ALEM, Abdourahman A. WABERI, Engène EBODE, Dave WILSON, Ange-Séverin MALANDA, Soeuf ELBADAWI, Tanella BONI, Camille AMOURO, Yahia BELASKRI, Jean-Jacques SEWANOU DABLA, RAHARIMANANA, Diogène N’TARINDWA
Publishing countries : Burkina Faso, France
Language(s) : French
Price : 16 €

A continent of vast riches buried under countless ills...
Words, deaths and blood...
Africa is doing badly. But who says so?
Its children. Its artists. And its writers.
Thanks to Raharimanana and Soeuf Elbadawi, African voices are unmasking the truth about French Africa through short stories. Chicanery, espionage, torture and other manipulations... Anything goes.
Thirteen writers remind us that Africa is neither deaf nor dumb. They give us the latest short stories from French Africa to show again and again the reality of what is at stake in the old French colonies, which are now considered independent.

Year of publication: 2003