Cité du Niger
BP 1273 Bamako
Tél: (+223) 20 221 46 46 / (+223) 20 221 45 99

Donniya was founded in May 1996. Its inception occurred in the context of an integrated vision of publishing: in 1994, the printer Imprim Color set up shop. It was the first printing press in Bamako with the capacity to produce good quality colour prints with the graphics studio and integrated computer-assisted photo-engraving. Today, Donniya mostly publishes school books; endeavouring to participate in the organisation of a better educational system in Mali. Furthermore Donniya has specialised in three spheres: children’s publications, including educational publications and illustrated books (tales); publishing in the cultural sphere with the magazine “Tapama”, focussing on heritage and art, and last but not least in the sphere of national languages, with French-Bambara and Bambara-French dictionaries, as well as practical lessons in Bambara.

Books selection

Douk le malin

Jean Yves LOUDE - Christian EPANYA (illustrateur) Ouvrage inaugural de la nouvelle collection « Sous le Baobab », cet album dépeint les aventures (...)

Le mariage de Sabou (version française et version en bambara)

Charles BAILLEUL - Svetlana AMEGANKPOE (illustrateur) C’est dans le creuset de trois sources d’inspiration et de création littéraire (oralité (...)

L’épopée de Soundjata

Modibo KEITA - Svetlana AMEGANKPOE (illustrateur) Inspirée de la tradition orale malinké, l’histoire de Soundjata Keita, courageux fondateur de (...)

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