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The éditions d’en bas (“from below”) published its first books in 1976, organised itself as an association in 1976 and then as a cooperative in 1991. In 28 years, more than 300 books have been published. The publishing house is founded on two pillars: a militant base of people who have adhered to the editorial policy, and the network of bookshops in the country. The output and translation of books is partly funded by state and private institutions/foundations, as well as by partnerships (co-publishing) with various non-governmental organisations and social movements. The books published by the editions d’en bas witness the hidden side of Switzerland, especially life “down below” in the working-class community. They can also serve in some cases as tools in the fight for rights; they can precede and accompany social struggles, or tell their story.
Essays and historical, sociological and political documents, testimonies, life stories, literary texts, translations – the books published by the éditions d’en bas explore the social field from the margins of history, politics, and society; they allow for the emergence of singular voices, of forgotten destinies and themes.

Par la littérature ou le récit de vie, l’essai critique ou le livre d’histoire, les éditions d’en bas rendent compte de « la face cachée » de la Suisse (et du monde). Des voix dissidentes, attachées aux passages de la mémoire. Les éditions d’en bas sont attachées à valoriser les langues, les populations et les cultures minoritaires révélatrices des structures d’oppression et de répression.

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