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Most of the independent and academic publishers in Chile belong to this association today. It accounts for a significant share of locally-published books, especially those focussing on politics, social analysis, academic research, poetry and fiction.

The association was founded at the end of the 1990s. It has several aims: to participate in the development of the Chilean and Latino publishing sector; to develop collaboration and exchange, to promote and consolidate cultural diversity from a humanist, democratic, multicultural and Latino angle, respecting bibliodiversity; to further the role of books and reading as authentic means for development of the human era and citizens. Naturally, it also puts the spotlight on its members’ interests, but it aims more generally to promote the business of independent and academic publishing houses. It is involved in the definition and setup of policies for books and reading. It supports the creation and development of bookshops, book fairs and literary workshops; it participates in the consolidation and opening of markets for books, both in Chile and abroad, especially in Latin American countries. It promotes and protects copyright and publishing rights, especially from photocopying and piracy, applying well-balanced legislation in this field.
It also aims at setting books and reading back in Chilean collective spirit, currently blurred by the impact of other mass media.

Editores de Chile has designed and promoted a national policy for books and reading; it has participated since the beginning in the direction of the Chilean coalition for cultural diversity, fostering amendments for culture in international free trade negotiations, as well as the approval and ratification of the UNESO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Lastly, it strives for a balanced legislation in terms of copyright and in order to strengthen a national book industry, as well as a balanced exchange with other countries.

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