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6 de Diciembre N26-97 y la Niña
Edificio Brother, piso 3, ap. 17-03-4629
Tél: (+593) 222 7948 / (+593) 222 7949

El Conejo is a not-for-profit publishing house, focussing on the publication of books by Ecuadorian authors and the promotion of reading to children, young people and adults. Since its inception in 1979, it has added considerably to its backlist and has become the leading publishing house in Ecuador. It boasts some 500 works in its catalogue, including books, cultural supplements and fascicules, with as its backdrop the protection of liberty and democracy. Its editorial line is to promote Ecuadorian and Latin-American literature, in a wide variety of genres: novels, short stories, poetry, plays, human and social sciences. It has gained respect and support from Ecuadorian institutions and intellectuals.

Books selection

La globalización y sus espejismos. Globalization and its Apparitions.

Michael HANDELSMAN Olaf BERWALD Vengo de Ecuador, un país pequeño que está sobre la línea equinoccial (de allí su nombre) una línea imaginaria que (...)

Contact : Santiago LARREA

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