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Caracas - Venezuela
Bogotá - Colombia
Tél: (+58 212) 952 65 30 (Caracas) / (+57 1) 580 14 84 (Bogotá)

Editorial Laboratorio Educativo was founded in 1973 in Caracas, Venezuela. Since 2019, it is also established in Bogota, Colombia.
This publishing house aims to encourage and propose a true educational renewal. We want to make available to Latin American educators the resources that we believe to be the most relevant and useful at the present time: documents, articles, information and experiences. We cannot stop at a deep critique of traditional education; we must seek – together – effective alternatives, appropriate methods, creative proposals. We try to articulate theoretical contributions and practical experiences in order to respond to the diverse needs of educators.
Twitter and Facebook: @labeducativo
Instagram: @labeducativos

Contact : Asdrúbal SÁNCHEZ

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