Give & Take

Author(s) : David SOGGE
Publishing countries : Benin, Cameroon, Canada, Ivory Coast, France, Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Switzerland, Tunisia
Language(s) : English , French
Price : 15 €

Foreign aid has existed for fifty years. Billions are spent each year. Tens of thousands employed. The purpose is ostensibly selfless and benign. And some Third World countries depend on it to a remarkable extent. Yet as this introduction shows, it is hardly without controversy. Does money actually flow to the South once collapsing prices for Third World exports, past debts, repatriated profits and corruption have been accounted for? How much aid, anyway, should there be?...

Translated from English. Original title : “Give and Take”, Zed Books Publishing.

Year of publication: 2003, 332 pages

Collection Global Issues

12 francophone publishers deal with different issues on the challenges of globalization (natural resources, development aid, North-South relations, etc.). An international collection for another globalization: “Global Issues” also exists in English and in Portuguese. Short essays, conveying diagnoses and proposals, perspectives for action, accessible to a large public. Bearing the “Le Livre équitable” (Fair Book) label, this collection is subject to fair and solidarity-based trade agreements.