logola marca editora

Pasaje Rivarola 115
1015 Buenos Aires
Tél: +(5411) 43 83 62 62

Founded on 1992 by Guido Indij, la marca editora is an independent publisher specialized in art, photography, essays and poetry. In the last few years it has ventured into the publication of multiple numbered portfolios and experimental art books, along with more famous authors such as Michel Foucault, J-F Lyotard, Paul Virilio, J-L Nancy, Sylviane Agacinscki. The main innovation of la marca editora is to experience in the relation between formats and contents. Thus, in each project it looks to extend the limits of the concept of what is known as a “book“.

Listen here the interview with Guido Indij, directed by the CERLALC, September 2018.

Contact : Guido INDIJ

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