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Pooya publishing house was founded in 2011 by Beytolah BINIAZ. Criticism of Islam and especially new research on Islam are the focus of Pooya’s offerings. The founder of the publishing house has for years worked as a translator and he has collaborated with Forough Publishing (Cologne) and The Graduate Society Foundation (USA).

Books selection

The downfall of the Islamic World

Hamed ABDEL-SAMAD - translated by Beytolah BINIAZ It is mainly about the inability of Muslims to adapt and adjust to the new world, the world of (...)

Civil Society in Theory and Practice

Beytolah BINIAZ The book is designed for students. It describes the history of democracy and civil society, and the relationship between (...)

From Baghdad to Marv

Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz OHLIG - tranlated by Beytolah BINIAZ This book is one of the new Islamic researches. It is a historical-critical method of (...)