“Translation and Globalization”, el nuevo número de la revista Bibliodiversity

¡Dirigido por Gisèle Sapiro, “Translation and Globalization”, número 3 de la revista Bibliodiversity (febrero 2014), acaba de salir !

“At the intersection of the history and sociology of publishing, of the study of cultural transfers and of translation studies, the sociology and history of translation therefore open up vast new fields of research on issues of contemporary concern such as the question of cultural diversity in the era of globalisation (addressed in my article), relations between the global North and South (discussed in the two other articles and mentioned in two personal testimonies), competition between nations for cultural hegemony and the social conditions for the circulation of cultural goods at a time when the creative industries are undergoing concentration and rationalisation”.
Extracto de la introducción, por Gisèle Sapiro.

Este número está dedicado a André Schiffrin, miembro del Comité científico de la revista Bibliodiversity.

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