Global Issues

For the purpose of publishing books that they love and showing that there is an “alternative way” to publish, no fewer than twelve independent francophone publishers (in sub-Saharan Africa, Canada, the Maghreb and Europe) decided to join forces to co-publish this collection. Books to be co-published are selected collectively by the twelve publishers. Editorial work, making and printing follow-up are carried out in turn by each of the copublishers, then the books are printed in one single edition and then sent over to the twelve publishers. A balancing-out system allows publishers from sub-Saharan and the Maghreb to bear very inferior costs to those borne by publishers from the North. Indeed, the very books sold for 15 euros in France will cost 8 euros in Morocco and 5 euro in Cameroon. Such a costs balancing system between geographic areas is a pioneer experience of fair trade in the book sector. The 12 francophone publishers partners in this collection are: éditions Céres in Tunisia, Ruisseaux d’Afrique in Benin, Presses Universitaires d’Afrique in Cameroon, Écosociété in Canada, Éburnie in Ivory Coast, éditions de l’Atelier and Charles Léopold Mayer in France, Ganndal in Guinea, Jamana in Mali, Tarik in Morocco, éditions du Silence in Gabon and éditions d’en bas in Switzerland.