Terres solidaires

Following the success of the first pan-African co-publication, L’Ombre d’Imana [The Shadow of Imana] by Véronique Tadjo, published by eight African publishers in 2006, the International Alliance of Independent Publishers has decided to go further and repeat these special co-publishing operations, by creating a pan-African collection: “Terres solidaires”… to give back its literature to Africa.
Indeed, solidarity co-publishing enables publishers in Africa to publish major texts by African authors at the most accessible possible prices to their readership.

To select upcoming co-publications, the Alliance has set up a consultative reading committee formed by professionals of the book sector in Africa (writers, booksellers, publishers and librarians). Two works, initially published in France by Le Serpent à plumes and Actes Sud, have been selected for 2008: De l’autre côté du regard [As Seen from the Other Side] by Ken Bugul and Sozaboy by Ken Saro-Wiwa. In 2009, the collection had welcomed two new works selected by the reading committee: Kaveena by Boubacar Boris Diop (French version published by Philippe Rey) and Jazz et vin de palme [Jazz and Palm Wine] by Emmanuel Dongala (published by Hachette International).
In 2011, Mandela et moi by Lewis Nkosi (Actes Sud for the French translation) and Trop de soleil tue l’amour by Mongo Beti (éditions Julliard) joined the collection.
In 2013, two new titles are available in Africa: Loin de mon père by Véronique Tadjo (originally published by Actes Sud) and La civilisation, ma Mère !… by Driss Chraibi (éditions Denoël).
In 2016, La Saison de l’ombre, by Léonora Miano (Éditions Grasset for the first publication, Fémina prize) and then in 2017, Ceux qui sortent dans la nuit by Mutt-Lon (Éditions Grasset for the first publication in France) and Palestine by Huberd Haddad (Zulma for the first publication) are published in a pan-African version in Africa.

The collection “Terres solidaires” initiated and coordinated by the International Alliance of Independent Publishers is supported since 2008 by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) and many French publishers. International Organization of the French-speaking World, Radio France Internationale (RFI) participated in the promotion of the collection in 2008 and 2009.