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2400 Copenhague
Tél: (+45) 20 84 50 65

Diyar-e Ketab is an independent publisher of literature‏ ‏in Persian language. Texts published by Diyar-e Ketab are uncensored and the purpose is to promote a culture of reading in Persian as well as create an open space for the literary and linguistic exchange about Iran and other subjects.
Diyar-e Ketab aims to assist Iranian authors in publishing their works and to promote understanding and appreciation ‎of Persian culture and literature.

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Masoud KADKHODAEE In this novel, along with Ketayoun and Bahram and their young children, we leave Iran. Behind the borders of the homeland, we (...)

A Station for the purpose of Tranquillity

Bahram HEYDARI - Novel - 661 pages - 250 DKK (33,50 €) - ISBN: 978-87-994684-7-8

Contact : Esfandiyar SANAYE

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Kalker Hauptstr. 135
51103 Cologne
Tél: (+49) 022 18 54 652 / (+ 49) 01 63 58 87 301

Pooya publishing house was founded in 2011 by Beytolah BINIAZ. Criticism of Islam and especially new research on Islam are the focus of Pooya’s offerings. The founder of the publishing house has for years worked as a translator and he has collaborated with Forough Publishing (Cologne) and The Graduate Society Foundation (USA).

Books selection

The downfall of the Islamic World

Hamed ABDEL-SAMAD - translated by Beytolah BINIAZ It is mainly about the inability of Muslims to adapt and adjust to the new world, the world of (...)

Civil Society in Theory and Practice

Beytolah BINIAZ The book is designed for students. It describes the history of democracy and civil society, and the relationship between (...)

From Baghdad to Marv

Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz OHLIG - tranlated by Beytolah BINIAZ This book is one of the new Islamic researches. It is a historical-critical method of (...)

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Box 45095
SE - 104 30 Stockholm
Tél: (+46-08) 32 30 80

Based in Stockholm and founded in 1984, Ferdosi has, in addition to being a publisher, been a key distributor and supplier of books and periodicals.
We cooperate with publishers and distributors throughout the world in order to provide individual and organizational clients with their requests and demands, through our contact services and multilingual website. Ferdosi has a broad list of Persian books published throughout the past 30 years by a range of publishers outside Iran. The list is available on Ferdosi´s website and can be searched by the title, name of the writer, etc.

Ferdosi works with libraries worldwide as a main supplier for minority languages published outside the country of origin. Individual customers equally benefit from our service through Ferdosi´s website.

As a publisher, Ferdosi has published valuable books in Persian and Swedish, mostly dealing with Persian literature, or informative texts about Iran and the Middle East.
Ferdosi publishes a Persian-Swedish magazine under the title of Norrsken (Northern Light), which is intended to be a step toward preserving Persian literature and culture among Farsi speaking and non-Iranians interested in Persian language and culture.

Ferdosi is the name of Iranian national poet who wrote the famous book for Shahnameh to rescue Persian language from Arabic influence.

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logoNaakojaa / éditions le non-où

89 rue du Ruisseau
75018 Paris
Tél: +33 (0)1 42 64 44 21

Naakojaa is a digital publisher based in France that launched in February 2012 with the aim of creating greater access for the audience of Persian literature.
Based on our readers’ embrace of world literature on digital platforms, we, too, decided to keep up with technology to help Persian speakers around the world.
Audiences now can legally and easily purchase Persian literature from iTunes and Amazon.
Statistics show that these digital platforms are becoming more popular because of accessibility and the ability to publish easily, which makes it possible to be sold for a reasonable price while protecting authors’ rights under copyright law.

Contact : Tinouche NAZMJOU

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logo Forough

Jahn Str. 24
50676 Cologne
Tél: (+49-221) 923 57 07

Forough Publications and bookshop were founded in 1998 by the Mehdipour family in Cologne, Germany, with the aim to publish books that were banned in Iran.
Murder of Kasravi was the first book published by Forough in 1998. The intention was to publicize the truth about the death of Ahmad Kasravi, the Iranian famous critic of Islam. They continued their work by publishing memoirs of ex-prisoners of the Iranian Islamic regime.
Forough Publications now follows three orientations: literature, humanities and social sciences, and information. The publishing house wishes to call attention to Persian-language literature, but it also translates, publishes, and distributes works by German authors like The Weekend by Bernhard Schlink and The Fall of the Islamic World by Hamed Abdel-Samad.
Forough Publications has published more than 150 titles in different genres such as poetry, novels, children’s books, biography, and nonfiction books.
In addition, Forough supports the Persian educational programs outside of Iran by publishing and internationally distributing Persian textbooks.

Books selection

Little black fish

Samad BEHRANGI - Translated to German by B. BINIAZ

Love in Iranian fiction in exile

Asad SEIF Asaf SEIF (born in 1957 in Bandar Anzali) is an Iranian writer and researcher. He has been living in Europe since 1984 and is engaged (...)

Dark Luminisities

Aramesh DOSTDAR Aramesh DOSTDAR (born in 1932 in Tehran) is an Iranian philosopher, writer, scholar and a former philosophy lecturer at Tehran (...)

Contact : Anahita MEHDIPOUR

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Responsable : Hamid MEHDIPOUR

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