Babelica (20-22 September 2023) is here!

Babelica, the international book fair of independent publishing, is online! Find more than 85 publishing houses from 40 countries in the “Publishers” space; a diverse range of titles (in fields including human and social sciences, literature and children’s books) in a multitude of languages in the “Books” space; and 22 events that will take place between 20 and 22 September on the Babelica platform (see “Program”). Don’t miss the opportunity for exchanges of rights on 21 September 2023 at 4 pm (...)

Vandana Shiva, author and activist (India), Bibliodiversity Ambassador of the Alliance

“I wouldn’t have written the many books if I didn’t have publishers who were sensitive, publishers who had their own networks, publishers who worked with my philosophy of smallness is beautiful, smallness in self-organised form is largeness—it is largeness of mind, it is largeness of heart, it is largeness in terms of expanding the possibilities of humanity and the earth in a time where the dominant economy would like to shrink those possibilities.” “If you were not as diverse as you are and if (...)


logoUnidad versus el 1%. Rompiendo ilusiones, sembrando libertad

In Latin America, Unidad versus el 1% is co-published simultaneously by Econautas Editorial (Argentina), LOM ediciones (Chile), Editorial Mate (Argentina), Plural Editores (Bolivia) and Taller de Edición Rocca (Colombia). For translation © Editorial Popular, S. A., Madrid, 2019. The original version of this book was published in 2018 as Oneness vs. the 1% by Women Unlimited in India (co-published with Spinifex in Australia and New Internationalist in the UK). Find here the interview with (...)

logoSolidarity co-publishing: history and mechanisms (2023)

“Co-publishing is a reminder of the extent to which solidarity is the main factor in the successful realisation of any project. It is a symbol of the strength that can be found when several publishers unite together. The book becomes much cheaper, accessible to the maximum number of readers and reaches several countries at the same time.” Lilian Thuram For more than twenty years, independent publishing houses that are members of the International Alliance of Independent Publishers have (...)

logoGuide to good practice

Why have a Guide? This Guide is based on ideas, discussions, round tables and workshops prior to and during the International Conference of Independent Publishers in Pamplona-Iruñea (23-26 November 2021). The objectives of this guide are to: • suggest lines of approach and actions for publishers who are members of the International Alliance of Independent Publishers, and to book professionals more broadly; • help implement and put into practice the principles and values defended by the (...)