Alliance’s programme for 2024

1. The Alliance, a space for experimentation and reflection through the Bibliodiversity Observatory Continue the analyses, reflections and advocacy via the 4 thematic working groups Book ecology Digital publishing: workshops on artificial intelligence Public book policies: mapping public book policies in the Arab world (launch as part of a book fair in the Arab world at the end of 2024) + Guide to Good Practice for public book purchasing (translation and adaptation of this Guide for other (...)

Statement Protesting the Cancellation of Adania Shibli’s Award Ceremony by the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 2023

Decades of Israeli occupation and settler colonialism on Palestinian land reached new heights with the recent IDF attacks on Gaza. As per this writing, more than 2,200 Palestinians have died (including 724 children) and more than 1 million Gazans have been ordered to evacuate the north. In the midst of this grave humanitarian crisis, it is very important to give voice to the opressed through all mediums of expressions, including books and literature. Ironically, the Frankfurt Book Fair —as (...)


logoLa pensée blanche

Thanks to a partnership between the Fondation Lilian Thuram - Éducation contre le racisme and the International Alliance of Independent Publishers, 11 publishing houses in French-speaking Africa are co-publishing La pensée blanche, originally published by Editions Philippe Rey (France). La pensée blanche is available in the following countries: Algeria (Apic), Benin (Ruisseaux d’Afrique), Burkina Faso (Sankofa & Gurli), Cameroon (Presses universitaires d’Afrique), Côte d’Ivoire (Éburnie), (...)

logoBel abîme

Co-publishers: Amalion (Senegal), Apic (Algeria), Atelier des nomades (Mauritius), Ganndal (Guinea), Graines de Pensées (Togo), Le Fennec (Morocco), Proximité (Cameroon), Sankofa & Gurli (Burkina Faso) Year of publication of the Pan-African version : 2023, 11,5 X 19 cm © Elyzad, 2021. A Fair Trade Book co-publishing.

logoBabelica 2023 available on replay!

The International online Book Fair of Independent Publishing was held from 20 to 22 September. The Babelica programme (readings in Arabic, Creole, Mapuche, etc.; round tables on artificial intelligence, decolonial ecology, inclusive publishing, cartoneras in Latin America, translation in the Arab world, solidarity co-publishing, etc.; meetings with Lilian Thuram and Vandana Shiva, etc.) can be (re)viewed and (re)listened to in replay on the Alliance’s YouTube channel. The Babelica Book Fair (...)