Babelica 2024, 20-21 September: the preliminary programme is now available!

The 2024 edition of Babelica will take place on 20 and 21 September, 21 September being International Bibliodiversity Day. The Babelica book fair is available online throughout the year. Here you can find the books presented during the 2023 edition of Babelica. To watch the discussions and debates at Babelica 2023, click here. To watch the two workshops organised by Babelica in 2024 on artificial intelligence, click here! Find out more about the programme (...)

Artificial intelligence and bibliodiversity, watch the workshop online

Following the round table on Artificial Intelligence organised during the 2023 Babelica book fair (see here), online workshop led by Octavio Kulesz is proposed on the challenges of AI for independent publishers (knowledge and understanding of how AI works and some of its tools, analysis of the challenges of AI for independent publishing from an intercultural perspective and with regard to bibliodiversity). Here link to watch the workshop This workshop is supported by Campus (...)


logo8th Tehran Book Fair, Uncensored (25 April–10 June 2024), Europe and North America

Over 15 Iranian publishers and many cultures groups are participating in these events around the world (Nuremberg, Vienna, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Paris, London, Brussels, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Bremen, Malmo, Copenhagen, Lubec, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles). This year, a collective catalogue containing new titles of 12 publishers present in the Book Fair is accessible both digitally and in print. (...)

logoBrief Manual of Best Practices for Public Book Procurement

“It is important to understand the key role that the public procurement of books plays–similar to that of roads in a country’s development–and the related impacts of these actions on the ecosystem of books, culture, and education. In purchasing books and socializing the processes of reading, the state’s actions may have numerous impacts. The selection of books is not only a question of quality and price, nor is it a simple technical process or an isolated action.” This document is based on the (...)

logoBel abîme

Co-publishers: Amalion (Senegal), Apic (Algeria), Atelier des nomades (Mauritius), Ganndal (Guinea), Graines de Pensées (Togo), Le Fennec (Morocco), Proximité (Cameroon), Sankofa & Gurli (Burkina Faso) Year of publication of the Pan-African version : 2023, 11,5 X 19 cm © Elyzad, 2021. A Fair Trade Book co-publishing.