À quand l’Afrique ?

Author(s) : Joseph KI-ZERBO
Publishing countries : Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, France, Mali, Switzerland
Language(s) : French , Portuguese
Price : 19 € / 9 € (poche / paperback / libro de bolsillo)

When is Africa’s turn? Here is a question that we would prefer to avoid, given Africa’s apparent hopelessness. But Joseph Ki-Zerbo, historian and man of action from Burkina Faso, cannot and will not gloss over this question. For him, Africa must conquer its identity, proud of its contribution to the human adventure, in order to regain its role in the world.
A fascinating book, nourished by an Africa lived and studied for decades, rich in the profound reflections of a historian on the role of his profession for concrete action by people. This political book was published simultaneously in Europe and Africa.

Year of publication: 2004, 202 pages