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202 bis, boulevard du 13 janvier
BP 3601
Tél: (+228) 22 25 87 55 / (+228) 90 30 55 79

AGO Media is a team of young writers and illustrators brought together by Koffivi ASSEM and KanAd for the production and distribution of comics and animated films. AGO Media is composed of a publishing house, a communication agency and a production and distribution company for books and films.
Lomé-based AGO publishing wants to make up for the lack of publishing houses specialized in children’s books and comics in Africa.
Before the official foundation of the company in 2011, AGO started with the publication of fanzines: “AGO fiction” and “AGO drama”. This is how the company’s strategy was defined: to fund the publishing wing through the communication agency, to diversify the revenues by venturing into multimedia and cinema and especially to create an authentic distribution circuit.

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Ziguidi et les animaux

KANAD Au commencement tous les animaux vivaient tous dans le même village, tous les hommes dans un autre. Avec Ziguidi, un enfant prodige, tout (...)

Haïti mon amour

Koffivi ASSEM & KANAD À la suite du terrible tremblement de terre qui ébranle Haïti on 2010, un enfant de rue, habitué à se débrouiller, décide (...)

Mythes & Légendes africains

Joël ADOTEVI, KANAD, Gilka, Koffivi ASSEM, Anani ACCOH, Adomayakpo Daté PAPI Six récits pour faire voyager petits et grands dans l’histoire, les (...)

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