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Atlas Publishing was established in the late 1950s by Samar Haddad’s father, the present director of the publishing house. Atlas was one of the first bookshops in Damascus. In 1963, academic books were among the first works on its publishing list, followed shortly by many other titles. In 2002 Samar Haddad became the editor of Atlas and gradually took over as the head of the company. She remained true to her father’s motto: the book is the premier tool of knowledge and should therefore be within everyone’s reach. Atlas Publishing set up a translation division and a distribution division, while continuing to publish titles of relevance to readers, in keeping with an editorial policy promoting quality and the highest standards of technical production.

Atlas in Greek Mythology is the Titan who is condemned to hold the earth for eternity, and our logo shows him holding the Globe in one hand and a book in the other hand. This is the idea of my late father the founder of Atlas Publishers back in the fifties.


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Books selection

Syria. A History of a Destroyed World

Michael SOMMER Translated from German by Dr. Nabil Al Haffar In this brief research, ancient civilization scholar Michel Sommer provides an (...)

Damascene Cupid. Drawings and love stories

Boutros AL MAARI This book offers pleasure to the eye as well as to the mind of the reader. Neither the texts are the basis for it nor the (...)

Diaries of a Writer. Selections by Boris Tarasov

DOSTOEVKY Translated from Russian by Adnan Jamous Sheikh Hamad award for translation and international understanding for the achievement in (...)

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