6, avenue Alain Savary
Le Belvédère
1002 Tunis
Tél: (+ 216) 71 28 05 05

Cérès is one of the most important book publishing houses in North Africa. Publishing mainly in French and Arabic, its books are distributed in Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Mali, Benin, Lebanon, France, and many other countries. Cérès publishes approximately 45 new titles each year and has a current catalogue of over 700 titles in a wide variety of fields including fiction, history, philosophy, literature, education, social science, and tourist guides. Cérès publications have become benchmark works, addressing topics as diverse as Carthage, Tunisian mosaics, and painters.

Cérès est la déesse de la fertilité (romaine, anté-islamique).

Contact : Karim BEN SMAIL

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