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Diyar-e Ketab is an independent publisher of literature‏ ‏in Persian language. Texts published by Diyar-e Ketab are uncensored and the purpose is to promote a culture of reading in Persian as well as create an open space for the literary and linguistic exchange about Iran and other subjects.
Diyar-e Ketab aims to assist Iranian authors in publishing their works and to promote understanding and appreciation ‎of Persian culture and literature.

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Masoud KADKHODAEE In this novel, along with Ketayoun and Bahram and their young children, we leave Iran. Behind the borders of the homeland, we (...)

A Station for the purpose of Tranquillity

Bahram HEYDARI - Novel - 661 pages - 250 DKK (33,50 €) - ISBN: 978-87-994684-7-8

Contact : Esfandiyar SANAYE

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