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Created by an association of artists, Dodovole publishing has the avowed mission of defending the endangered cultures and marginalised minorities of the southwest of the Indian Ocean. In order to promote regional languages, we have from the onset published in French and Reunionese Creole, and shortly after in Malagasy and regional Malagasy. By imagining beautiful printed objects, we want to give visibility to visual artists in the area: a writer is asked to create a children’s book based on the work of a fine artist or photographer. This is the cardboard collection, which aims to bring art in the hands of the youth.
The richness of the corpus of regional folktales gave birth to the collection “Dodo bonimenteur” (“peddler”): Madagascan and French tales are bilingual and illustrated by schoolchildren as part of educational exchange programmes. A collection of French-language novels for adults completes the list under the editorial line: Madagascar seen from the inside.

Si le dodo avait eu des ailes, il n’aurait pas disparu. Dodo vole donne des ailes aux enfants : des livres pour leur permettre de grandir et de s’évader.

Read here the interview with Sophie Bazin and Johary Ravaloson, published in partnership with ActuaLitté (September 15, 2017).

Read here the interview with Sophie Bazin, published by Perluète, the literary review of Normandie Livre et Lecture (November 2021).

Books selection

Bitômbokantsôro et la femme prise à l’hameçon

Laurent BABITY ; Johary RAVALOSON Mary-des-ailes (dir. ; illustrations) Un conte traditionnel de Madagascar très répandu sur les côtes, où l’on (...)

Vol à vif

Johary RAVALOSON ; Sophie BAZIN (illustration couverture) Johary Ravaloson repart en brousse, sur les traces des Dahalos, les voleurs de zébus (...)

Zanfan Zavavirano

Anny GRONDIN ; Griotte (illustrations) Un conte écrit en créole réunionnais par la conteuse Anny Grondin, à partir de figures de la mythologie (...)

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