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SE - 104 30 Stockholm
Tél: (+46-08) 32 30 80

Based in Stockholm and founded in 1984, Ferdosi has, in addition to being a publisher, been a key distributor and supplier of books and periodicals.
We cooperate with publishers and distributors throughout the world in order to provide individual and organizational clients with their requests and demands, through our contact services and multilingual website. Ferdosi has a broad list of Persian books published throughout the past 30 years by a range of publishers outside Iran. The list is available on Ferdosi´s website and can be searched by the title, name of the writer, etc.

Ferdosi works with libraries worldwide as a main supplier for minority languages published outside the country of origin. Individual customers equally benefit from our service through Ferdosi´s website.

As a publisher, Ferdosi has published valuable books in Persian and Swedish, mostly dealing with Persian literature, or informative texts about Iran and the Middle East.
Ferdosi publishes a Persian-Swedish magazine under the title of Norrsken (Northern Light), which is intended to be a step toward preserving Persian literature and culture among Farsi speaking and non-Iranians interested in Persian language and culture.

Ferdosi is the name of Iranian national poet who wrote the famous book for Shahnameh to rescue Persian language from Arabic influence.