B.P: 542, Route de Lambandji- Ratoma
Republic of Guinea
Tél: (224) 622 54 48 26 / 622 39 65 88 / 620 63 14 34

A corporation legally constituted under Guinean law, Ganndal was created in June 1992. Its catalogue includes works in the following fields: textbooks, children’s and young people’s literature, general literature, coffee table books and publications in national languages.
Committed to working in partnerships, Ganndal has developed an extensive network of South-South and North-South collaborations. This publishing firm has thus produced a large number of books, of all genres, through co-publishing or co-production projects with foreign publishers.
Locally, Ganndal coordinates the activities of REPROLIG (a network of Guinean publishers) and is also an active member of the African Publishers Network (APNET).

Ganndal est un terme générique en langue pular (fulfulde) signifiant « éducation », «culture », « enseignement », « savoir », bref tout ce que porte et transporte le livre.

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