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The word “gashingo” in Kanuri means chameleon; it was chosen to represent our ability to publish in multiple languages.
Gashingo’s activities build on the premise that the development of African countries depends on the internal and external efficiency of their education systems. This prerequisite can only be fulfilled by establishing and maintaining a literate environment in the first languages already mastered by children before they enter school and shared in their home communities, and in the widely spoken, local or foreign languages.
Gashingo’s main activities are the production and sale of books; Gashingo also graciously supports the training of authors and the organisation of meetings and exchanges between the various actors of the book ecosystem at the national and regional levels.
Over the next few years, Gashingo intends to strengthen its base through a large production of both paper and digital books and the gradual establishment of its nation-wide network of bookstores. Regionally, the company intends to diversify its partnerships to play a pioneering role in the extension of projects such as DEELMA (“Projet de Développement de l’édition et des environnements lettrés multilingues en Afrique” from Septembre 2006 to April 2007) where it was the coordinating structure. The interconnection of Gashingo’s national distribution network with those of its regional partners will enable its products to be as widely distributed as possible. All of these activities are aimed at increasing Gashingo’s production capacity to make it competitive and eligible for the textbook market.


Books selection

Koudou et le Caïman

Kadri HAMADOU Un album pour enfant illustré en couleur publié en bilingue (en français et en 5 langues nationales du Niger). Un livre sur (...)

Les péripéties d’un instituteur rural

Malam ADJI ZATOULOUR Un roman en français qui retrace la vie d’un instituteur qui évolue dans le milieu rural. L’oeuvre fait ressortir les (...)

Proverbes et devinettes

Boubacar HAMA BEIDHI Cet ouvrage présente des proverbes et des devinettes utilisés dans la vie de tous les jours. La maîtrise des proverbes traduit (...)

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