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10 Orange Street - PO Box 2004 Sunnyside - Houghton
Auckland Park 2041
2092 Gauteng
South Africa
Tél: +27 011 628 3200 +27 011 482 7280

A South African publisher, Jacana Media has been in the business since 1991. The firm specialises in the vulgarisation of normally complex or technical data. We have been recognised for the quality of our books in areas such as the environment and eco-tourism, as well as literature and educational materials (primary and secondary school). In 2002, Jacana Media established an open publishing policy that has since received much positive feedback, covering a vast spectrum of genres and subjects. We are particularly interested in promoting authors from South Africa and Africa as a whole. Jacana Media currently publishes works in essentially three areas: “Life” (political science, biographies and autobiographies, history, health and educational material), “Earth” (environment, natural history, maps and eco-guides) and “Fiction” (novels, short stories, poetry, and anthologies and collections focusing on African authors).

Contact : Bridget IMPEY

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