Author(s) : Raja BEN SLAMA ; Drucilla CORNELL ; Geneviève FRAISSE ;LI Xiao-Jian ; Seemanthini NIRANJANA ; Linda WALDHAM
Publishing countries : South Africa, China, United States, France, India, Lebanon, Morocco
Language(s) : English , Arabic , French , Portuguese
Price : 12,5 €

Year of publication: 2004,
154 pages,
12,5 X 19 cm

Collection Keywords

These philosophical or anthropological terms have acquired a symbolic weight crystallizing changes and distinctive features in a given society. Buried in the most run-of-the-mill usage, they also found and organize a shared language that reflects the debates crisscrossing contemporary societies.

These books attempt to revive an intellectual tradition of critical vigilance and openness, while benefiting from a “view from afar” that encourages dialogue between cultures. The reader can thus gauge the similarities, shifts and disparities that each of these “universal” notions covers, along with the tensions that exist between the diversity of cultural traditions and the homogenizing work of globalization.