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Nogaam Publishing, based in London, uses crowdfunding to publish Iranian censored authors. Nogaam publishes books that could not be published inside Iran due to censorship as free e-books.
Nogaam supports and empowers Iranian authors, advocates freedom of speech, promotes Persian-language digital publishing and provides easy access to invaluable Farsi books. Nogaam is also the founder of ’Tehran Book Fair, Uncensored’ which is an annual book fair by independent Iranian publishers abroad.

Twitter/Instagram: @Nogaambooks

Listen the interview of Azadeh Parsapour, about the Tehran Book Fair, Uncensored (May 9, 2021)

Books selection

Project Ulysses in Persian

James JOYCE; trad. Dr Akram PEDRAMNIA This is for the first time that James Joyce’s masterpiece is being published in Persian uncensored. This (...)


16 short stories by 16 writers about the catastrophic events of the calendar year 1398 (2019-2020) in Iran. Mass protests over the rise of oil (...)

The Burning of the Middle East

Karim POURHAMZAVI Comprehending the rise of Jihadism and ISIS The first ever original research work about the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (...)

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