Unidad versus el 1%. Rompiendo ilusiones, sembrando libertad

Author(s) : Vandana Shiva ; Kartikey Shiva ; Rodolfo Lastra Muela (trad.)
Publishing countries : Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia
Language(s) : Spanish

In Latin America, Unidad versus el 1% is co-published simultaneously by Econautas Editorial (Argentina), LOM ediciones (Chile), Editorial Mate (Argentina), Plural Editores (Bolivia) and Taller de Edición Rocca (Colombia).
For translation © Editorial Popular, S. A., Madrid, 2019.

The original version of this book was published in 2018 as Oneness vs. the 1% by Women Unlimited in India (co-published with Spinifex in Australia and New Internationalist in the UK).

Find here the interview with Vandana Shiva on the occasion of the launch of the Latin American co-publishing on 19 June 2021.

ISBN Argentina (Econautas Editorial): 978-987-46301-9-3
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ISBN Chile (LOM ediciones): 978-956-00-1379-8
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ISBN Argentina (Editorial Mate): 978-987-9199-29-x
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