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Vents d’ailleurs was founded in 1999 by Gilles Colleu and Jutta Hepke. Publishing professionals for about 25 years, our starting point was when we noticed a great emptiness, a great shortage in the publishing industry. Book supply is substantial in France, yet many cultures are missing or under-represented. We are convinced that the knowledge of cultures from abroad, the others’ cultures, helps build a society with more solidarity and enriches any human being in his quest for humanity. It is therefore important to build bridges and to make available to everybody the tools to become or to be a citizen of today’s world. Written works, literature, arts, books contribute to this.
We want to contribute to building tomorrow’s world, to opening doors and windows wide to other visions of the world. We have thus opened our door to authors and illustrators, to visions and ideas from abroad, so as to continue together, on the long term, the journey of creation and literature.

Our editorial policy focuses on books telling stories from the “inside”, texts, narratives which do not contemplate other cultures or faraway fantasies – but which, on the contrary, come to us from elsewhere. These stories make us dream and wonder, they question us. The approach is reversed; shifting the point of view changes everything. Our representations, here in France, in a rich Northern country, are questioned, and our landmarks shifted away. Imaginations, languages, ideas, images, cultural expressions clash, cross, permeate each other.

Vents d’ailleurs is a member of the Alliance of independent publishers, the association Éditeurs sans frontières and the association Jedi Paca. Vents d’ailleurs is distributed in Haiti by Communication Plus and in Canada by Dimédia.

Contact : Jutta HEPKE

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Responsable : Gilles COLLEU

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