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Zellige: enamel-coated chips of terra cotta set into plaster, used to decorate monuments and home interiors in the Arab world.

With a firmly international focus, and a deliberately diversified catalogue (novels, essays and albums), Zellige aims to develop close partnerships with publishers, bookstore managers and distributors in the French-speaking world. So the works can be published simultaneously in all the countries involved. And at prices tailored to local buying power.
Steering clear of the centralising mindset, programmes are not systematically initiated in France. Out of the thirty titles featuring in this catalogue, half have originated from one of Zellige’s partners, in Algeria, Haiti, Morocco, Tunisia, Belgium or Lebanon.
Furthermore, Zellige has expanded into graphic design and communications, with customers sometimes hailing from other walks of life than publishing.

As for the publishing house’s name, recalling mosaics, it expresses its sharing, partnership-focussed, open attitude.

Books selection

Algérie, Maroc, histoires parallèles, destins croisés

Benjamin STORA À quand un couple algéro-marocain, indispensable moteur d’un Maghreb des régions ? Une telle perspective réclame, de ces deux pays (...)

Amour, Colère et Folie

Marie VIEUX-CHAUVET Un chef d’œuvre de la littérature haïtienne signé d’un écrivain qui l’a payé cher (Le Magazine littéraire) Édité initialement en (...)

Kalila et Dimna

Ibn AL-MUQAFFA Une nouvelle traduction, fluide et agréable de ce classique de la littérature arabe (Le Temps, Genève) Étudié dans toutes les (...)

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