Uncensored Teheran Book Fair, 2-14 May, Europe and North America

16 Iranian publishers from the diaspora organize from May 2nd to May 14th, in the same time than the Teheran Book Fair (May 3rd-13th) the “Uncensored Teheran Book Fair”. This Book Fair will occur successively in 9 European and North American cities: 2-3 May: London 5-6 May: Stockholm 9-10 May: Paris 11-12 May: Cologne 12-14 May: Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam then in Toronto and Los Angeles This event represents a way for the Iranian publishers to have “their” book fair, to show and (...)

Assembly of Swiss and Francophone publishers at the Geneva Book and Press Fair (Switzerland), 26 and 27 April 2017

For the 3rd year in a row, the Assembly of Swiss and Francophone publishers will be held during the Geneva Book Fair. Taking the opportunity of having several Swiss and francophone publishers’ representatives, these meetings will be held over two days: the first day will examine the issues of book exportation and circulation in the Francophone space, while the second will focus on the issue of who will take over the publishing profession in Switzerland. New in 2017, practical workshops in (...)


logoSelf-publishing, a vector of bibliodiversity? / Call for papers, March 2017

This next issue of Bibliodiversity’ journal is coordinated by Sylvie Bosser (Université Paris 8, CEMTI). Read the call for papers of the issue.

logo2017 programme of the Alliance

Read on the attached document the 2016 highlights and the 2017 plan of the Alliance!

logoPublishers portraits

Discover and understand publishers’ backgrounds and their publications, and listen to the voice of independent publishers… consult unprecedented publishers portraits in this section! In the context of a partnership with online magazine ActuaLitté, an interview with a publisher member of the Alliance is regularly published. Discover the interviews: * Élodie Comtois (Écosociété publishers in Québec), * Samar Haddad (Atlas Publishing in Syria), * Marie Michèle Razafintsalama (Jeunes malgaches (...)