11 publishers from Australia, South Africa, Bulgaria, the United States, India, Iran, the United Kingdom, Syria, and Turkey meeting in Istanbul (Turkey), 11-14 June 2015

Publisher members of the English-speaking network of the Alliance will meet with European, Iranian and Syrian colleagues, to discuss the following issues:
Situation analysis of the publishing landscape in the various countries;
⁃ Strengthened mutual knowledge of participating independent publishers lists;
⁃ Setting up of publishing projects between publishers from the different countries;
⁃ Exchanges and discussions on digital publishing and freedom of publishing within publishing houses.

This meeting is facilitated through the support of Metis Publishers (Turkey), with the participation of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, the Turkish Publishers Association, the Hrant Dink Foundation, and UNESCO Melbourne City of Literature.

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A workshop on the promotion of Francophone African publishers digital lists, Dakar (Senegal), 15-19 June 2015

17 publishers from West Africa will meet in Dakar for this workshop facilitated by the Digital Lab of the Alliance, and through the support of the International Organization of the Francophonie, in partnership with Wikimedia France, the Afrilivres association and the Senegalese publishers association.
The workshop will include 3 sessions: training on Wikipedia (facilitated by Georges Fodouop and Donatien Foffi, two volunteer members of Wikimedia); the promotion of publishers lists on social networks (facilitated by Nicolas Gary, director of publication of the ActuaLitté Website); the development of Websites for African publishing houses, based on the Web template developed by the Digital Lab of the Alliance (facilitated by Mouhammed Diop, Senegalese developer).

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Publishing in Persian language: what book trade in Iran?

To read, an article published by ActuaLitté on 20 April 2015 on the study Publishing in Persian language.

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Selling and buying rights as an independent publisher on the world market

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Publishing in Persian language, a ground breaking study on publishing in Persian language

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