Publishing and commitment: different ways of being a publisher? (Issue n. 4, February 2016) / Coordinator: Sophie Noël.

Chile, China, France, Russia, Tunisia...: what are the different ways to be socially and politically committed as a publisher, in such different contexts?
“The five articles gathered in this issue are only an insight into the many ways for a publisher to be socially committed. We hope they will initiate other works on this topical issue. (...) Empirical datas and field surveys are necessary to understand the new facets of publishing and the different ways to be committed today as a publisher. Therefore we also invite you to refer to the different publisher’s records below”. Sophie Noël, issue coordinator.

As an exception, all the articles of this issue are in French, but all are summarized in English.

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Testimony of Tinouche NAZMJOU_Iran/France

Testimony of Béatrice LALINON GBADO_Benin

Testimony of Muge GURSOY SOKMEN_Turkey

Call for submissions – Issue 5, Bibliodiversity journal: “Independent publishing and public authorities”

The call for submissions of the issue 5 of Bibliodiversity journal is open!
This next issue (publication in 2017), dedicated to “Independent publishing and public authorities” has not to aim to decide in favour of this or that public-policy model relating to independent publishers. Rather, it seeks to investigate the conditions in which such public policies may or may not emerge, their aims, their modes of operation, their impacts and the changes they may undergo. It explores the world views that come into play when players from publishing or the public authorities formulate their positions. The contributions we’re looking for may come from a range of disciplines – sociology, political sciences, economic sciences, cultural studies, etc. – and may refer to national/regional case studies or take a comparative approach.

We are waiting for your propositions by 31 March 2016 (read the call for submissions below).
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