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International Day of Bibliodiversity, 21 September 2020

During this unusual year, independent publishers around the world are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the International Day of Bibliodiversity (B Day) on September 21, which is also Spring Day in the Southern Hemisphere.

© video : Daniel Aguilera and his team (Chili)
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A day to honour independent publishing and bibliodiversity, not to be missed !

See the previous videos here.

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2020 : a blooming year !

The International Alliance of independent publishers wishes you a blooming year !

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Greeting card made by Mariette Robbes, member of the Board of the Alliance

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International Conference of Independent publishers 2019-2021

The first videos of the Conference here : Abidjan (May 2019) ; Santiago de Chile (October 2019)

The complete presentation of the meeting is being finalized... already, some elements on this event : the Conference is a process carried out over 3 years. It has commenced in 2019, with several workshops and meetings : Madrid (April 2019), Geneva (May 2019), Abidjan (May 2019), Santiago de Chile (October 2019).

The Conference will continue well into 2020… to end in 2021 in Pamplona, Basque Country (when the closing meeting of the Conference will be held).

In 2021, the Alliance will celebrate its 20 years of existence !

  • 20 years is an appropriate age to remind ourselves of our core beliefs, commitments, responsibilities. The Alliance was built on trust, solidarity, humanity, and a profound belief in the social, emancipatory and liberating role of the book. Convinced also that the principles it defends are intertwined with its practice : thus, the principles of reciprocity and equity feature largely in the exchanges that characterise the governance of the association : namely that of respect, listening and curiosity… ;
  • 20 years is the opportunity to celebrate this shared journey while pursuing this journey, to RETHINK together ;
  • 20 years is also an opportunity to report on our activities, projects, and advocacy carried out by the Alliance ; to celebrate our incredible achievements ; but also to learn from our mistakes and mishaps ;
  • 20 years is an age whereby we want to go further and further, to remain a conscious and creative actor in terms of ecology, social economy and solidarity, of new ways of reaching readers, of collaborative practices amongst professionals in the field, of freedom of publishing, of fair speech
  • 20 years is the age when we dream, hope, believe, where we want to dance and laugh ;
  • 20 years is an important anniversary, it is an anniversary that we do not want to forget and that we shall celebrate !

Follow the Conference on the Alliance website and social networks !

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Meeting of the Spanish-language network of the Alliance, Santiago de Chile (Chile), 1-3 October 2019/ Primavera del libro, 3-6 October 2019

Through a partnership with the Editores de Chile collective and publishers member of the Alliance in Latin America and Spain, more than 15 publishers from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Equator, Spain, Mexico and Peru met in Chile, for a 2-day meeting, in the margins of the 8th Primavera del Libro.

These workshops and meetings are part of the activities of the International Conference of Independent Publishers 2019-2021 : “Rethinking independent publishing, celebrating bibliodiversity !”

On this occasion, the Alliance launched, in Chile, the results of the previously unpublished analysis carried out on public book policies in Latin America.

The cross-cutting analysis of public book policies in Latin America is available in Spanish on the Alliance website, and in French in the special issue of Bibliodiversity Journal focusing on public book policies.

Read the Declaration of publishers from the Alliance’s Spanish-language network, an outcome from their meeting in Santiago, on October 3, 2019.

The activities carried out in Santiago de Chile were supported by the collective Editores de Chili, the 8th Primavera del Libro, the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile, the Providencia municipality and the Providencia Cultural Funds.

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Meeting of the International Committee of Independent Publishers (ICIP), 12-14 October 2019, Paris (France)

The ICIP will meet to discuss a major event in the life of the Alliance : the International Conference of Independent Publishers 2019-2021 !

This meeting will focus on developing the content, subjects and objectives of the Conference : several actors, structures and partners are therefore invited to the ICIP meeting, to listen to a diversity of voices, to share concerns, learn from what is done elsewhere, be challenged, discover… to broaden our horizons and build this Conference together, pushing us to rethink !

Topics under discussion include : ecology and publishing, agriculture and publishing, (ongoing) unbalanced relationships between the South and the North…

Read the programme and the list of participants here !

The Alliance thanks the Centre national du livre, la Maison des Métallos and the Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer for providing venues for our meetings.

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Here is the B Day, September 21, 2019 !

Here is the 9th edition of the B Day, let yourself be hooked by the books !
Share the video of the B Day 2019 !

B Day, September 21, 2019

B Day_instruction manual !

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Upcoming celebrations in the second half of 2019...

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  • The 2nd meeting of the International Conference of Independent Publishers 2019-2021 in Chile, bringing together Spanish-language (Spain and Latin America) in Santiago de Chile, on 1 and 2 October 2019. This meeting will be followed by the Primavera del libro (Spring of the book) from October 3 to 6, offering an opportunity to showcase the mapping and analysis of public book policies in Latin America.

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  • Meeting of the International Committee of Independent Publishers, 12-14 October 2019, in Paris : one of the objectives of the ICIP will be to map out the next International Conference of Independent Publishers and to deliberate on the choice of city where the closing meeting will take place in 2021. The steps to come in 2020 and 2021 are under way... and will be announced in the second half of 2019.
  • Frankfurt Book Fair, 16-20 October 2019 : among other activities, the 3rd edition of the Latin American Hotlist ; the “Nonfiction Editor’s Networking Event” (19 October), on the theme : “Publishing Serious Nonfiction : It’s a Woman’s World” with the participation of Muge Sokmen (Metis Publishers in Turkey) and Kenza Sefrioui (En toutes lettres in Morocco).
  • Publication of the next title of the “Terres solidaires” collection : Munyal, les larmes de la patience, by Djaïli Amadou Amal, originally published by Proximité in Cameroon ; reissued by 8 publishers in French-speaking Africa. Djaïli Amadou Amal received for this title the Orange du livre en Afrique award !

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Video of workshops - International Conference of Independent Publishers (2019-2021)

The first Conference workshops were held in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in May 2019 during the International Book Fair of Abidjan, and brought together 40 French-speaking publishers, as well as representatives of the Portuguese and Arabic-speaking networks.

Here the video !

Youth literature and typography were the main focus of these workshops. A mapping of publishing public policies in sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar (the Alliance’s flagship project since the last Conference of 2012-2014) was also presented on this occasion. The next workshops will most probably be held in Chile in September 2019, gathering mainly Latin American and Spanish publishers - a mapping of publishing public policies in Latin America will also be presented on this occasion.

The complete program of the International Conference 2019-2021 will be available in a few months !
For any questions, contact the Alliance’ team (

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2 workshops (on youth literature and typography) & 1 meeting on public book policies at the Abidjan International Book Fair (Ivory Coast), 13-20 May 2019

During the Abidjan International Book Fair (15-19 May 2019), the Alliance will facilitate a workshop on youth literature (13 to 17 May), followed by a workshop on typography and open digital resources (18 to 20 May). These workshops will convene more than 30 publishers from more than 16 French-speaking African countries, but also from Haiti, Madagascar, France and Portugal. The programme and content of these workshops, designed with and for publishers, is available here.

On 17 May, in the context of the SILA, the Alliance will organise B2B discussions with all participating professionals : a time dedicated to buying and selling rights between publishers – to create, foster and strengthen professional relationships, rights sales and co-publications.

The Alliance will launch an unprecedented analysis of public book policies in sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar written by academic Luc Pinhas. Findings from the data collection conducted in 12 countries between June 2017 and December 2018 by Serge Dontchueng Kouam (University Press of Africa), will be presented at a panel on public policy book on Thursday, 16 May.

These workshops and meetings mark the first step of the 2019-2021 International Conference of Independent Publishers : “Rethink independent publishing, celebrate bibliodiversity” !

Public book policies : a key chapter of the 2012-2014 International Assembly of independent publishers coming to an end in 2019 !
The cross-sectional analysis of public book policies in sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar will be printed specifically for the SILA in Abidjan. In June 2019, the Bibliodiversity Journal will publish a special issue on public book policies, including cross-sectional analysis of book policies in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, articles on public book policies in Europe and North America, testimonials from professionals from the Arab world... available online here from June 2019 !

The activities organised at SILA are supported by AFD, the OIF and DDC, and are organized in partnership with Assedi (Association of Ivorian Publishers) and the Ivorian publishers members of the Alliance.

Video of workshops - International Conference of Independent Publishers (2019-2021)

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Tehran Book Fair Uncensored, Europe and North America, April-May 2019

For its 4th edition, the Tehran Book Fair Uncensored will move in the following countries : United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, United States, Canada...

For the fourth year, Farsi publishers outside of Iran, organize the Uncensored Tehran Book Fair, all around the world. The goal is to provide an opportunity for the authors, whose works are censored in Iran, to speak out freely and present their works. Each year many authors and publishers in Europe, Canada, and the United States meet their readers and discuss the status of persian literature all around the world. This is an unique opportunity to know, support, and promote the uncensored persian literature.

More information here :

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