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Babelica 2024, 20-21 September : the preliminary programme is now available !

The 2024 edition of Babelica will take place on 20 and 21 September, 21 September being International Bibliodiversity Day.

Find out more about the programme here !

The Babelica book fair is available online throughout the year. Here you can find the books presented during the 2023 edition of Babelica.

To watch the discussions and debates at Babelica 2023, click here.

To watch the two workshops organised by Babelica in 2024 on artificial intelligence, click here !

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8th Tehran Book Fair, Uncensored (25 April–10 June 2024), Europe and North America

Over 15 Iranian publishers and many cultures groups are participating in these events around the world (Nuremberg, Vienna, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Paris, London, Brussels, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Bremen, Malmo, Copenhagen, Lubec, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles). This year, a collective catalogue containing new titles of 12 publishers present in the Book Fair is accessible both digitally and in print.

More information here.

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Artificial intelligence and bibliodiversity, watch the workshop online

Following the round table on Artificial Intelligence organised during the 2023 Babelica book fair (see here), online workshop led by Octavio Kulesz is proposed on the challenges of AI for independent publishers (knowledge and understanding of how AI works and some of its tools, analysis of the challenges of AI for independent publishing from an intercultural perspective and with regard to bibliodiversity).

Here link to watch the workshop

This workshop is supported by Campus AFD.

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Babelica 2023 available on replay !

The International online Book Fair of Independent Publishing was held from 20 to 22 September. The Babelica programme (readings in Arabic, Creole, Mapuche, etc. ; round tables on artificial intelligence, decolonial ecology, inclusive publishing, cartoneras in Latin America, translation in the Arab world, solidarity co-publishing, etc. ; meetings with Lilian Thuram and Vandana Shiva, etc.) can be (re)viewed and (re)listened to in replay on the Alliance’s YouTube channel.

The Babelica Book Fair (bringing together over 90 publishers from around the world) is available online throughout the year, until the next edition of Babelica in 2024 !

The International Alliance of Independent Publishers would once again like to thank Babelica’s partners (Campus AFD and the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie) ; Maxime Guedj (PCFH Studio) and Thibault Daumain, who designed and developed the Babelica platform ; all the speakers ; the team of interpreters and everyone else who contributed to the success of this second edition !

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Meeting of the International Committee of Independent Publishers (ICIP), 24-26 October 2023, Paris (France)

The ICIP’s annual meeting, a key opportunity to build the Alliance’s 2024 action plan and also to review the operation, organisation and associative life of the association, will bring together all the coordinators of the language networks for a 3-day meeting.

A session open to all Alliance members is scheduled for 25 October, from 2pm to 4pm (French time).

The programme is available here

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Babelica (20-22 September 2023) is here !

Babelica, the international book fair of independent publishing, is online !

Find more than 85 publishing houses from 40 countries in the “Publishers” space ; a diverse range of titles (in fields including human and social sciences, literature and children’s books) in a multitude of languages in the “Books” space ; and 22 events that will take place between 20 and 22 September on the Babelica platform (see “Program”).

Don’t miss the opportunity for exchanges of rights on 21 September 2023 at 4 pm (UTC+2), where publishing houses who are members of the Alliance will present 1 or 2 titles from their catalogues to attendees. This event is open to everyone.

See you on 20 September at 10am (UTC+2) for the opening of Babelica !

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Babelica, 20-22 September 2023, online : discover the Babelica program !

Babelica, the international online book fair of independent publishing, will take place from 20 to 22 September - 21 September is the Bibliodiversity Day !

Babelica is a unique and original project to promote bibliodiversity, conceived and hosted by the International Alliance of Independent Publishers.

Discover the Babelica program here !

Babelica is a book fair dedicated to books published by independent publishing houses. It is designed to raise awareness of the variety of voices in international publishing and ensure they are heard, so as to promote diversity and creativity. At Babelica, a selection of titles from the many books published by independent publishers are being presented.
The Babelica book fair is available online throughout the year, from 20 September 2023 until the next edition in 2024.

Babelica is also a space for debate, exchange and discussion between book professionals, academics, readers, those who are simply curious, and more. The program of round tables, talks and readings offered in 2023 has been developed by publishers who are members and/or close of the International Alliance of Independent Publishers (see program).
To listen again to the round tables from Babelica in 2022, click here.

Babelica is an opportunity for exchanges of rights : join us on 21 September for the event dedicated to literature and human sciences, opportunities for publishers to present the titles from their catalogues to the book professionals present.
Away from this event, if you are interested in buying or selling rights, you can contact publishing houses directly via the Babelica platform.

Finally, Babelica is a place for exchanging know-how and practices, a place for experimentation : therefore, from October 2023 workshops will take place to complement Babelica’s talks and round tables, to delve deeper and develop themes such as digital, discoverability, artificial intelligence and book ecology in small working groups.

For this second edition, the Babelica platform, which will be revealed in September, has been entirely redesigned and updated to reduce its environmental footprint.

Babelica is supported by the Agence française de développement (AFD Campus) and the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF).

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Tehran Book Fair, Uncensored, Europe and North America, 4 May - 6 June 2023

The 7th Tehran Book Fair, Uncensored, will be held from May 4 to June 6 in 17 European and American cities.

The aim of the exhibition is to provide an opportunity for authors and publishers who would be censored or banned in Iran to speak out freely and present their work.

All the information can be found here.

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’Independent publishing : meeting, showing solidarity and acting together in Latin America’, round table, Buenos Aires International Book Fair (Argentina), 27 April 2023

Several independent publishers from Latin America will attend the 47th edition of the Buenos Aires International Book Fair, 27 April-15 May 2023, where the guest of honour city this year is Santiago de Chile.

The Editoriales de Chile collective and the Alliance are organising a round table event there on 27 April at midday (local time) : “Independent publishing : meeting, showing solidarity and acting together in Latin America”, with the participation of Maria-Paz Morales (Dudo Ediciones/Editoriales de Chile) and Germán Gacio Baquiola (Corredor Sur Editores / Editores independientes de Ecuador) and Andrés Bracony (Tinta Limón, Argentina), moderated by Paulo Slachevsky (LOM Ediciones / coordinator of the Alliance’s Spanish-language network).

Find out more : The Buenos Aires International Book Fair

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Workshop on promotional tools and creating communities of readers, and a focus on solidarity co-publishing, Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), 9-13 May, 2023

At the Salon International du Livre d’Abidjan/International Book Fair of Abidjan (SILA), the Alliance is organising a workshop targeted at book professionals from some fifteen publishing houses from francophone Africa. The workshop, led by Tchonté Silué, will cover the following themes : creating and managing a community of readers, using social networks, creating audio-visual content (videos, podcasts) and hosting book groups.
There will be a project fair where publishers will be able to present their catalogues with the intention of agreeing transfers of rights and establishing co-publishing projects. This project fair will be accompanied by an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience of solidarity co-publishing.

These events, organised thanks to the support of the Orange Foundation and the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, will be attended by the finalists of the Orange Book Award in Africa as well as by some ten publishing houses from francophone Africa who are members of the Alliance. The winner of the Orange Book Award in Africa will be announced during the book fair.

See all the SILA’s activities here.

See the programme of events organised by the Alliance here :

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