Diffusion of human and social sciences books : What innovative strategies to succeed ?

Pays de parution : Allemagne

For independent publishers, the diffusion and distribution of “difficult” books such as human sciences books often present a challenge. These books have problems finding their readership in a book market characterized by editorial overproduction, a strong concentration of publishing businesses, points of sales and distribution structures.

To valorize a production less mainstream, some publishers adopt original distribution and promotion strategies by bringing on board associative actors, new digital actors, or by setting up partnerships with universities. These isolated initiatives are however not well known from most publishers.

This is why, in the spirit of solidarity driving the Alliance, publishers want to share experiences and knowledge by addressing these issues during a workshop. In order to promote a better circulation of human and social sciences texts, books presentations will also be organized to enable the creation of translation and copublishing projects between publishers of the Alliance. Some of these projects could then be financially supported by the Alliance.

This workshop is organized in partnership with the Frankfurt Book Fair, and with the support of the Fondation de France, the Centre national du Livre and the Goethe-Institut in South Africa.