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Calle 2 número 21
San Pedro de los Pinos
03800 México, D.F.
Tél: +(52 55) 5515 1657

Ediciones del Ermitaño, Editorial Division of Solar Servicios Editoriales, is backed by the experience and prestige of over 29 years in the market and a growing collection of poetry, short stories, novels, and other genres. When the possibility of using digital technology emerged in the editorial world, Ediciones del Ermitaño was the first to create a collection that fully takes advantage of that technology. And so “Minimalia”, our main collection, was born, in which we have published over 250 titles and which has sold thousands of copies. We never run out of any title, since we have the capacity to reprint according to the needs and demand; this has allowed us to open the doors to many young writers who have been able to publish their first, and very promising, works, side by side with the accomplished writers that also are part of our catalog. Thus, the “Minimalia” collection has been a pioneer and a platform for experimentation that established the example and marked new guidelines. It is a collection that explores and explodes the new digital technologies surrounding composition and production, in order to create new paradigms that carry the word from the authors to ultimately thousands of readers.

Contact : Alejandro ZENKER

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