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Av. Dos de Mayo 1285, San Isidro
Lima 17
Tél: (+221) 59 88 / +221 5992

Peisa has published and distributed books since 1968. It has an impressive catalogue of literary and scientific works built over three decades of publishing work in Peru. As a publishing house, it is particularly interested in Peruvian authors and in works that deal with Peruvian issues. Peisa has published among the most distinguished Peruan authors, such as Alfredo Bryce Echenique, Mario Vargas Llosa, José María Arguedas, Julio Ramón Ribeyro, Ciro Alegría, Alonso Cueto and Iván Thays. It also publishes books for children and adolescents, and large-format illustrated books. As a distributor, Peisa is the exclusive Peruvian representative for the Spanish publishing houses Blume, Aanto and Elfos and for the Peruan publishing house Apoyo.

Contact : Germán CORONADO

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