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The Association of Independent Publishers of Ecuador is a group of small and medium-sized cultural initiatives, committed to the need to come together to generate policies intrinsic to the book sector.

The goals include:
1. Promote the development of the publishing industry at the national and Latin American levels by developing cooperation and exchanges.
2. Ensure the free circulation of books, nationally and internationally.
3. Promote the culture of books and reading as essential factors for human development, self-actualisation and citizenry.
4. Contribute to the effective democratisation of books and reading in Ecuador as a means of promoting respect for the right of every citizen to participate openly and freely in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts, to contribute to scientific progress and to enjoy its benefits.
5. Promote bibliodiversity, the expression of cultural diversity through the book, as a guarantee of the plurality of literary, artistic and scientific contents and approaches.
6. Channel initiatives of independent and/or independent publishers to preserve the public status of the book and related editorial products.
7. Encourage the recognition of editorial work and literary creativity in Ecuador and Latin America.
8. Represent the interests of partners nationally and internationally and develop initiatives that strengthen the role of the publisher as a vital cultural agent.
9. Promote, encourage, organise, sponsor and contribute to the development of national policies aimed at developing the publishing industry and promoting reading in Ecuador.
10. Promote the defence of the rights of the author, the illustrator, artist and publisher, by promoting a culture of respect for intellectual property and by encouraging the application of the mechanisms provided by law against editorial piracy and unauthorized reprography.
11. Promote and conduct activities towards the consolidation and expansion of the book markets, both in Ecuador and abroad.
12. Promote the circulation of books at the national and international levels.
13. Encourage the expansion of book circulation networks and support the development of independent bookstores.
14. Advocate for the development of a national network of public libraries.

The Association of Independent Publishers of Ecuador is therefore pleased to share the efforts made by its members towards the realisation of the objectives set out in its founding statutes, namely the development of reading in the country. We believe that this humble contribution, conceived for both the reader and the professionals of the book world, will help to foster the links between authors and their readerships.


To listen: an interview from Germán GACIO BAQUIOLA, published by the CERLALC.

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