Fair Trade book : A real issue for tomorrow / Co-publishing, rights transfers and other solidarity publishing partnerships - 14 to 17 June 2013, Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Pays de parution : Burkina Faso

Preparatory and thematic workshop of the International Assembly of Independent Publishers

16 publishers from Africa, Europe and Latin America will convene in Burkina Faso for this 5th International Assembly workshop.
Drawing from a report on publishing partnerships compiled by the Alliance over the past 10 years, the publishers’ objectives are to :
*implement new solidarity publishing projects ;
*develop a guide/charter of good publishing practices to accompany the “Fair Trade book” logo ;
*strengthen and establish inter-professional partnerships.

This workshop will conclude with the launch of the last solidarity co-publishing project : « À quand l’Afrique ? » Joseph KI-ZERBO’s interview with René HOLENSTEIN – on June 17 at the National Archives of Ouagadougou.

The Alliance warmly thanks the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie and the Centre national du livre for their valuable support in facilitating this meeting.

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