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FORMAT is an independent publishing house that focuses on education, illustration quality and creation. Books are understood as beautiful objects and as reading spaces, as they position the reader in the story, sharpening their eyes, awakening their curiosity and graphic sensitivity.
Their ambition: expressing emotions, circulating ideas of diversity and difference, tolerance, going against the grain to break with prejudices and stereotypes, working particularly on typography, paper and format.
FORMAT publishing’s books must appeal to both children and adults. The condition is that everyone finds a place in this illustrated book adventure. FORMAT publishing mixes genres and authors: well-known contemporary authors, sometimes even internationally renowned, and more classical, but always with a view of reinterpreting!
Their first title in French (Un prince à la pâtisserie by Joanna Concejo and Marek Bienczyk) was released in September 2015. Their list already includes some 50 titles in Polish, of which 40% are adapted from French books. FORMATs’ books have been awarded many times by IBBY International Board of Books for Young People, the Committee on the Rights of the Child, and the Polish Association of publishers, to name but a few...

Read here the interview with Dorota Hartwich, published in partnership with ActuaLitté (October 25, 2017).

Books selection

Grand-Mère Tricot

Uri ORLEV ; Marta IGNERSKA (ill.) Une petite grand-mère seule au monde arrive un soir au village ; elle a pour tout bagage des aiguilles à (...)

Un prince à la pâtisserie

Marek BIENCZYK ; Joanna CONCEJO (ill.) « Un délice graphique et littéraire, avec une ambiance unique » a déclaré le jury IBBY qui a accordé au livre (...)

SEKRETNE ŻYCIE KRASNALI W WIELKICH KAPELUSZACH (A secret life of dwarfs in big hats)

Wojciech WIDLAK ; Paweł PAWLAK (ill.) If sometimes: you are fed up with everyday life you feel that you are missing something you wish you (...)

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