International Bibliodiversity Day (B Day), 21 September 2014 !

As every year on 21 September, exciting activities (book crossing, readings, meetings, etc.) will be held on the occasion of International Bibliodiversity Day (B Day).
This year, we plan to make a lot of noise –rallying new individuals, groups and organisations from all over the world.

Working together in a network, going in the same direction, and with more determination than ever before.

This year, let’s go further !
Are you coming along ?

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Postcard of B Day 2014 (in Italian)

JPEG - 2.1 Mo
Postcard of B Day 2014 (in Arabic)

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Postcard of B Day 2014 (in Portuguese)

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Postcard of B Day 2014 (in Spanish)

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Postcard of B Day 2014 (in French)

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Postcard of B Day 2014, to spread around !