International Bibliodiversity Day (B Day), 21 September 2014!

As every year on 21 September, exciting activities (book crossing, readings, meetings, etc.) will be held on the occasion of International Bibliodiversity Day (B Day).
This year, we plan to make a lot of noise –rallying new individuals, groups and organisations from all over the world.

Working together in a network, going in the same direction, and with more determination than ever before.

This year, let’s go further!
Are you coming along?

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Postcard of B Day 2014 (in Italian)

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Postcard of B Day 2014 (in Arabic)

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Postcard of B Day 2014 (in Portuguese)

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Postcard of B Day 2014 (in Spanish)

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Postcard of B Day 2014 (in French)

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Postcard of B Day 2014, to spread around!