Author(s) : ZHU Cunming - Dominique FERNANDEZ
Publishing countries : China, France
Language(s) : Chinese , French
Price : 9,45 €

There is a close relationship between the notion of beauty and that of culture, between aesthetic and humanity. “I am beautiful, o mortals, like a dream of stone” wrote Baudelaire, personifying the relationship. But is beauty truly accessible? How is beauty translated in the universe, whether Chinese or Western? From an original perspective, Zhu Cunming shows how the experience of beauty is universal but also profoundly tied to that of ugliness. Witness the temple bronzes and the dragon heads with enormous mouths, like so many hidden facets of the feeling of beauty. On the other side, Dominique Fernandez defines beauty as an experience of ambiguity. More than the cathedral, which speaks too directly of God, music in particular evokes this inaccessible intangible. Beginning with the myth of Orpheus, which runs through Western culture from Monteverdi to Jean Cocteau, Dominique Fernandez pursues the truth of beauty in an amazing meditation. A delightful, cultural read.

Year of publication: 1999

Collection Near and far

In this collection “Near and Far”, two authors, one Chinese, the other French, meet and exchange on topics chosen for their relevance in our daily life and in human relations. They tell us about their own experience and explore the roots of their respective civilizations to discuss how philosophers, writers and poets spoke of these topics.