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Rua Silva Carvalho, n.º 152 - 2.º
1250 - 257 Lisboa
Tél: (+351) 21 3244170

Orfeu Negro is a Lisbon-based independent publishing house. Its catalog focuses on contemporary art essays and picture books.
Founded in 2007, Orfeu Negro is now a main reference concerning books on performance, dance, cinema and arts in general, promoting the works of Jacques Rancière, RoseLee Goldberg, Laurence Louppe, François Truffaut and Gilles Deleuze, among others.
Its children’s books series, “Orfeu Mini”, offers excellence in illustrated content and detail design. Featuring award-winning artists such as Oliver Jeffers, Peter Brown, Catarina Sobral and Benjamin Chaud, “Orfeu Mini” brings the best of storytelling and illustrating to its readers around the world.

“Casimiro”, its most recent series of illustrated books for adults, is a collection of provocative works aiming at mature and extravagant people. It features authors such as Brazilian Hilda Hilst and Portuguese illustrator André da Loba, the perfect match for satire and obscenity.

Books selection

Obscénica. Textos eróticos & satíricos

Text: Hilda HILST Illustrations: André DA LOBA OBSCÉNICA is an anthology of erotic and satirical writings by Hilda Hilst, luxuriously illustrated (...)

A arte da performance. Do futurismo ao presente

RoseLee GOLDBERG Translation: Jefferson Luiz CAMARGO & Rui LOPES RoseLee Goldberg explores contemporary artists’ approaches to politics, (...)

O Meu Avô

Catarina SOBRAL My grandad used to have a clock shop. Now he has a lot of free time. Mr. Wright is not a watchmaker (though he always has one (...)

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