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The Network of Colombian Independent Publishers, Red de Editoriales Independientes Colombianas (REIC), was created to respond to the concerns of a group of publishers eager to strengthen independent publishing in Colombia. The Ministry of Culture and CERLALC (Regional Center for the Development of the Book in Latin America) have demonstrated a clear commitment to national independent publishing by joining efforts to support the creation of the Network of Colombian Independent Publishers. This initiative initially brought together some 30 publishing houses, rallied around the notion of bibliodiversity and the need to sensitize the country to the fact that independent publishers exist, allowing Colombian writers, and others, to express themselves. Since its creation, the REIC has ensured that independent publishers receive state support to promote the allocation of public libraries, to encourage fairer commercial conditions, etc. Colombian independent publishers, unlike major publishing groups, have shown that they are active advocates for Colombian authors, and that they are major players in bibliodiversity. On April 28, 2008, the REIC was established as a legal entity headquartered in Bogota, and in association with independent Latin American collectives. Through the Spanish-speaking network of the International Alliance of independent publishers (AIEI), the REIC contributes to the Ibero-American regional editorial integration.

Here, an interview of Gustavo Mauricio García, president of the REIC, directed by the CERLALC, September 2018.

Contact : Gustavo Mauricio GARCIA

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