Kommode Verlag c/o Annette Beger
Dialogweg 7
8050 Zürich
Tél: +41 79 246 59 14

SWIPS is a collective of independent publishers in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, working together to improve the circulation of books in Switzerland and provide a diverse range of books for readers.
As independent publishing houses, we decide on our editorial policies and choices and are financially independent. We are committed to a living literature and to bibliodiversity.
Through our actions and our solidarity within SWIPS, we work for the recognition of the cultural and political role of publishers; we also act to give better visibility to our catalogues; we exchange and reflect collectively on the challenges facing independent publishers, to innovate, to strengthen our relations with independent bookshops, to uphold the rights of authors, and to improve the quality of our books.

Contact : Annette BEGER

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